BBC Crypto Wars Radio Documentary

Gordon Corera, BBC Security Correspondent, covered a very little heard of battle between security and privacy pioneer cryptography experts and the NSA who targeted them as a threat. He met a group of coders who call their workspace a monastery and that they are coding monks on a quest to share encryption with the world.


The story of Crypto Wars is told with narrative and recorded meetings between cryptographers and high ranking surveillance agents alike. The war is said to have been ongoing for 40 years now. The story is very interesting and sheds light on the upcoming of the NSA and the many that challenged their ideology and the threat it caused to the nation. It goes deeply in the story between these individuals and the interviews are really captivating. We do not want to divulge too much and let you enjoy it in the correct order.

We say no more and just want to share it with everyone out of the U.K. that might have missed it. The 25 minute documentary can be listened to here on iPlayer Radio. iPlayer Radio is free and open globally to all, so you do not need to use VPN or Proxy service to access it directly on the BBC Broadcast website.

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