Best Data Saving Android Browsers to surf the Internet faster

Android users have no shortage of options when it comes to browsers that allow them to surf the internet. However, finding a good browser with data compression can be challenging since there are only a few solutions that support this feature. Although nowadays, high-speed internet is widely available, if you use your mobile data on a regular basis, it is likely to run out very quickly. With a data compression browser, you can reduce the amount of data used, which means that you will have more available for whenever it is needed.

In addition, when you travel, you may notice that the internet speeds can vary and this is a case in which data compression can also be handy. It will give you the possibility of accessing content faster, regardless of the stability of your internet connection. While data compression technology still has some catch up to do and some websites are not displayed correctly when you use this feature, it is still a practical option to consider and the browsers in this list can offer good results thanks to their high quality performance.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is not only one of the most popular browsers available, it is also an option that is packed with a great set of convenient features, including data compression. If you go to Settings, you will see the “Data Saver” feature and once it is enabled, the webpages you visit will be compressed, which helps you to save data. The browser relies on Google servers to compress the webpages visited, before they are opened. It is also possible to disable pre-fetch page resources in Privacy settings of Chrome to save further data. With Google Chrome, you can enjoy data savings while making sure that interactive websites can still be enjoyed in the way they are intended. Features like voice search, page translation, device syncing and intuitive gestures are also supported.

Yandex Browser

Like Google, Yandex is a technology giant that offers a variety of services and practical applications. Yandex Browser offers an intuitive experience and its Turbo mode compresses traffic when you open webpages, which helps you to access content faster and to reduce data consumption. The Turbo mode can be set as automatic or you can enable or disable it manually. If you select the automatic option, Yandex Browser will automatically compress elements in a webpage that don’t affect your overall experience significantly. Turbo mode can also compress videos to help you to save data and when it is enabled, you can enjoy faster browsing. Yandex Browser also deserves recognition for its user-friendly interface, data sync support and solid security functions that help you to protect your privacy while using public WiFi.

UC Browser

This is another good solution for users who want to take advantage of the benefits of data compression. It comes with a fantastic download manager and supports a Fast mode that lets you compress the webpage to reduce the impact on your data allowance. With the Fast mode, you can also enjoy efficient browsing and access content within a few seconds. Thanks to its smart technology, it even pre-loads pages that you are likely to open next. UC Browser also gives you the possibility of changing settings such as image quality in order to get further data savings. There is a great selection of add-ons available that let you block ads and other options that enable you to browse the internet without consuming a lot of data. UC Browser also supports video streaming, night mode, Facebook notifications and other useful features.

Opera Mini

Opera is a well-known name in the industry and it is the favorite solution for many when it comes to data compression. It offers reliability, good speed and it works well, even when your internet connection is inconsistent. Opera Mini gives you the possibility of choosing between two data compression options: High and Extreme. You can also see the precise details about the amount of data that you have saved with the browser. With Opera Mini, you will also be able to adjust a variety of settings that will help you to save a lot of data and access content faster. You can change the quality of images, protocol and more. Other features supported include download manager, customization options for the interface, device syncing and private browsing.

Dolphin Browser

With millions of downloads and a high rating on Google Play, Dolphin Browser is another high quality option that is worth considering. Although the browser doesn’t specifically advertise a data compression feature, there are many aspects that facilitate data saving. For instance, the no-image browsing mode lets you keep data consumption to a minimum and with auto-fit and the option to deactivate JavaScript, you can also save lots of data. You can find add-ons that block advertisement and that allow you to browse faster by compressing the content. One of the most practical add-ons available is the Dolphin Reader, which gets rid of all the ad’s and unnecessary elements to bring you only text. Other convenient features are intuitive gestures, device syncing and fast downloads.

APUS Browser

APUS Browser is has earned a high score on Google Play thanks to its effective combination of speed, privacy protection and consistent performance. This lightweight browser features data saving capabilities such as the “No image” mode. With this option, videos and images are disabled so that you can save a lot of data and load pages much faster. The Speed mode loads webpages within seconds using data compression and adjusting the image quality. APUS Browser’s Speed mode is designed to give you an efficient browsing experience even if you are on a 2G network. You can also save data thanks to a feature that lets you block ads. In addition, APUS Browser supports gesture controls, night mode, voice search and a game mode.

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