Best Plex Channels and add-ons for TV shows, sports and Live TV

When it comes to accessing and managing media, Plex is a convenient solution that allows you to stream content from any location, and on any device. It offers great performance and it lets you access a wide range of movies, TV series, sports and other content. There is a Plex app for mobile devices and a Plex media server that can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux. In order to be able to run Plex, it is necessary to install Plex add-ons. Here we will go through a list of the best options to enjoy movies, TV series, sports events, news and much more.


If you are mainly interested in finding movies, FMovies Plus is an add-on that can’t be missing on your Plex experience. It is designed to allow you to watch 1080p content videos and it offers many active, working links so you won’t have issues finding something to watch. FMovies doesn’t only give you access to TV shows and movies, but it also lets you gather metadata about the content. It is one of the best options when it comes to watching movies and TV shows.


If you want to watch TV shows and movies on Roku, IceFilms would be the most convenient solution. This channel gives you the possibility of finding the most recent media content available, without any issues. You can search by release date, mots-watched list or alphabetical order.

Internet Archive

Avid Internet users are probably familiar with Internet Archive, a remarkable resource that features software, books and movies for free and that allows you to look for content that was once available online. This library is another great addition to your Plex experience.


FilmOn is a popular option for Plex and it allows you to stream more than 600 channels with thousands of movies available. It doesn’t require a subscription and it gives you the possibility of accessing channels from several countries.

Let Me Watch This

This is another good choice for Roku users who want to enjoy movies using Plex channels. It offers a good selection of content and if there is something that you can’t find on IceFilms, it is very likely that you will find it here.


Another channel that offers access to movies and TV series is Trakt.TV, which works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Trakt.TV stands out by syncing data from popular streaming solutions such as Netflix and Kodi. It is a good solution to manage media content and to track its progress.

cCloud TV

With cCloud TV, you can find a great variety of community streams from around the world. This channel is particularly good for sports fans because it provides access to a large selection of live sports events. You may come across some broken links, but overall cCloud TV is worth considering.


Although this isn’t an official add-on from Facebook, it works well and it lets you access videos and photos on the popular social media platform. You can quickly check media on Facebook on the News Feed of your Plex server.


CBC is a well-known name in Canada and the Plex add-on gives you the possibility of streaming sports, as well as news content seamlessly. You can also watch TV shows and live events on your device, no matter where you are.

MTV Shows

It can’t be denied that MTV has played big role in popular culture. If you like the reality shows and original series that MTV has produced, you can find a good collection of them on this channel.


Although MTV and VH1 are not as focused on music as they once were, they offer shows that will appeal to many music lovers. This add-on allows you to watch VH1 shows such as Mob Wives and Black Ink Crew: Chicago. You can look for content by alphabetical order or using the Featured options.

Reddit Videos

Reddit offers an impressive variety of content and the Plex add-on lets you access videos from multiple sources in the same place. You can access a vast selection of subreddits that offer a lot of media content. It is possible to browse through the options available without any hassle.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a classic that has been an important part of the childhood of many. People around the world are familiar with the characters and the show is still recognized as a great tool to teach kids basic Mathematics, Geography and more. Now you can enjoy Sesame Street on Plex and help your kids to learn while they have fun.

Using a VPN with Plex

In order to keep your privacy protected and enjoy access to a wider selection of content, regardless of your location, it is important to consider using a VPN with Plex. There are geographical restrictions imposed on content on certain platforms, but with a VPN you can defeat the blocks and watch whatever you want. You just need to connect to a VPN server in the country where the content is available and soon you will be able to watch as if you were in that location. VPNs also encrypt your online traffic so not even your ISP will know what you are doing when you are connected to the internet. Security is an aspect that is particularly important when you are using unofficial Plex add-ons.

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