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4chan vpnBorn in 2003, 4chan is an infamous imageboard website where users can post anonymously, without having to register any personal information. 4chan was created by Chris Poole when he was just 15 years old and initially, it was focused on allowing Anime fans to share images of their favorite series and post comments. Soon, 4Chan grew to become a place where people from around the world could discuss anything from politics to math to video games and horror. Many popular memes started in 4chan and while the website includes categories like History and Literature, it is better known for being the source of some of the most controversial content available online.

Anonymity has always been a crucial part of 4chan as it allows people to share content that they wouldn’t dare to post otherwise. Although the website’s creator tried to establish certain guidelines, 4chan is recognized by many as an anarchic imageboard where nothing is too offensive or gruesome to be shared. Many call 4chan the “wild west” of internet and the website even greets its visitors with a warning. Before accessing any message board, you will be informed that 4chan features content that is only intended for mature audiences and that it takes no responsibility of any damage from your use of the website. That alone should tell you what to expect from the site.

Still, 4chan is also seen by many as a place where freedom of speech is alive and well, in spite of the moderator’s efforts towards preventing copyright infringement and other violations. Anyone can post without revealing their identity and since new posts always appear automatically on top of the threads, every user has the chance to get their posts seen by the community. “Anonymous” is the default username in 4chan (since registration is not required) and this was the spark that started the group of hacktivists that bears the same name. In a way, it was in 4chan where the concept of what is now a widely recognized international network of activists was shaped.

In 4chan you can find interesting discussions, share opinions and images about a wide range of topics and even find information that hasn’t been published by news outlets yet. Of course, it is also home to some questionable material and if you want to explore the site by yourself, keeping your anonymity fully protected is a good idea. Although you are not asked to provide any personal details to use 4chan, it is advisable to add an extra layer of privacy with a VPN. This will ensure that your traffic is encrypted and that your actual IP and location are disguised. 4chan can be an interesting and even fun experience, but as the website itself advises, it should be used with caution. A VPN will allow you to keep your privacy protected while you browse through 4chan’s boards and below you will find the best services for this purpose and to avoid seeing the message “posting from your ip range has been blocked due to abuse”.

Top VPN Services not blocked by 4Chan


Thanks to the strong encryption used and the privacy policy that ensures that no logs of your activities are stored, Surfshark is also a good choice for 4Chan. This VPN provider based in the British Virgin Islands is still relatively new in the market, but it is already leaving a good impression due to the high quality of its service. Surfshark’s network offers more than 800 servers in over 50 countries. The provider strives to offer a secure solution to help you to protect your digital life. You can access 4Chan without putting your privacy at risk.



Fast and reliable, ExpressVPN is one of the most popular options in the VPN industry. They are recognized for the remarkable speed of their service and the high quality of their desktop software and mobile apps. ExpressVPN operates from the British Virgin Islands and it doesn’t keep logs of your online activities. Their VPN offers DNS leaks protection and you can access servers in 87 countries. Although the price of the service is higher than other options, ExpressVPN is an effective, secure and fast solution that deserves to be considered.


NordVPN has earned recognition as one of the best options for privacy-conscious customers. They are based in Panama, where there are no mandatory data retention laws. In addition, NordVPN offers a high level of encryption and advanced security features like double VPN and Tor over VPN. They have servers in more than 50 countries and they don’t keep any logs whatsoever. NordVPN provides a reliable and efficient service to ensure that your online traffic remains private.


Based in Singapore, Ivacy is a well-established provider that focuses on protecting your information with a high level of encryption. Ivacy supports a great selection of secure protocols and it has a zero logs policy, meaning that there is no information kept about your online activities or your connection sessions. Ivacy has more than 1000 servers in over 100 locations. The apps are easy to use and the service also promises to deliver fast speeds. You can access posts and share posts in 4Chan from any location, in a secure way.


CyberGhost lets you enjoy flexibility, security and speed. The company operates from Romania, where there are no mandatory data retention laws. Currently, the CyberGhost network gives you access to over 3000 servers in more than 60 countries and the customer support provides fast and clear responses. There are no logs kept and CyberGhost has a strong commitment to keep your privacy protected. In addition, the apps are easy to use and allow you to keep your activities private, even when you are using 4Chan.

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