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ATVApple TV is one of the most popular media center devices used, especially for those who already own other Apple devices. Allowing you get your iTunes based content on the big screen makes it a heavily sought after product, due to facilitating the sharing of your library. However, even if you’re not an iTunes user, Apple TV remains one of the top contenders in the field,  with good performance, and app integration, you can do quite a bit of useful things with it. Netflix streaming, sports apps, home library network sharing and more.

But to be able to access worldwide content, a VPN service comes into play. VPN connections allow you to change your Country’s IP, unblocking content from BBC, Hulu, Netflix, and just about any other streaming outlet that will geo-block content. All the while, it encrypts your data so your ISP or other surveillance agencies can’t easily snoop on all your streaming sources. In some cases, it can even help with speed, while picking bad services can hinder it. Below, we take a look at our best picks for Apple TV VPN services.

Setting up a VPN with Apple TV is not straight forward, you actually need to use specific methods in order to encrypt the data going through the box that tend to be complicated, tedious, and not very serviceable to having a hassle free viewing experience. In my time testing various hardware with VPN, the best option is always a VPN Router; setting up a VPN connection directly on the router, enabling you to connect your Apple TV directly to it, to benefit from encryption and access to that specific server country location. But keep in mind, this is not limited to your Apple TV, you can literally now encrypt any networkable device, such as your XBox, Playstation, Wi-Fi connected devices, computers, you get the point! I devised a full tutorial on the different  methods used to add an encrypted VPN connected to your Apple TV box here.



ExpressVPN – Full Review

ExpressVPN is probably the best option, with an easy to follow SmartDNS setup, unlocking Apple TV without encryption, ensuring blazing speeds, and making it easy for beginners to just unlock and enjoy content quickly, without the hassles.

If you want great VPN service with it, ExpressVPN has the best software for Apple Mac OS, iOS, and even arguably the best software in Windows. Android is also covered, along with awesome visual step by step guides to setup all sorts of devices, including the all important OpenVPN Routers! But the real highlight is the quality of service. With servers spread across 80 countries, minimal speed loss on regional servers on almost every test, a 30-day money back guarantee, and stellar customer service, the only downfall for some is the cost. It may cost more, but you get premium quality service. The service specifically allows 1 computer connection, 1 mobile connection, 1 wireless router, and 1 streaming media console  simultaneously per account. That’s more than enough for, considering you can connect anything behind the VPN router, but for some families, it may require a second account.


PureVPN – Full Review


PureVPN An amazing choice for Apple users overall, with easy to use one click software for iOS and OSX, but also due to having a large collection of OpenVPN DD-WRT setup guides for a large number of network router brands. As mentioned, one of the best ways to equip Apple TV with VPN is a VPN router, and if you plan to go down that router, PureVPN makes it easy.

They also optional 25Mbit stream buffering service, that allows for slow internet connections to manage to stream high quality video without waiting for an eternity. I have been able to help friends and family setup home High Definition streaming of sports and movies with the help of this feature. If you’re stuck in a remote area, or simply with bad line quality, 3Mbits seems to be standard. It’s not enough to stream regular content, let alone HD, but with PureVPN, it’s now possible, but make sure to test the service on the offered U.S. and U.K. gateways. PureVPN has very competitive prices and offers up to 5 simultaneous logins per account. A 3-day money back guarantee is offered, but limited to 500 megabytes in order to deter fake accounts and abuse.  The service is great and speeds are some of the best I have tested, but to ensure the service works well for you, start with nothing but speed tests on various server locations you  plan to use, in order to stay under the limit.


IPVanish – Full Review

Next on the list is IPVanish. A US based VPN service that focuses on simplicity. Supporting all devices from mobile to desktop & giving you access not only to streaming services but VOIP apps as well that you may be restricted for using. So this opens up a wide range of apps for you to use in conjunction with your Apple TV. Backed with a tier-1 VPN network & support of 140 servers in 41+ countries. IP Vanish as the name intends allows you to mask your IP to prevent throttling, enhanced security, and access to services on your network. Overall providing a clean & simple UI to setup. The site in itself identifies your IP & location by default to ensure compatibility.  So if your looking for a VPN with a straightforward approach & no extra bells and whistles, look no further.

IPVanish works hard at providing some of the fastest servers available, and put up a good fight against competitors. We had no problem streaming high definition content on our 25Mbit and 16Mbit fiber ADSL, and rarely found it to get slow.


Private Internet Access – Full Review


PIA – Private Internet Access has been a top choice for millions of users for many years now. Having a strong, longstanding record in keeping your data encrypted and out of the hands of ISPs and other data retention agencies has made them one of the most trusted names in the VPN industry. Their popularity also comes down to the fact that they offer one of the largest selections of servers, at the most competitive price. Although sometimes you fall upon slow servers, choice is not limited and you can quickly find some faster routes. Good customer service and rich online tutorials and guides to setup various VPN protocols across different platforms and OpenVPN Router setup guides will help you quickly integrate VPN to Apple TV boxes.

Not only does Private Internet Access hold up its’ own against the more costly providers, but the insanely cheap packages also allow for up to 5 simultaneous devices. If you’re not looking for the best of the best, but want the best for your money, this is it.


Hide My Ass – Full Review


Hide My Ass offers VPN service coverage across some 128+ countries! HMA also caters to Apple TV needs, with plenty of VPN router setup guides, and the best customer service to help you across the way. They also offer free proxies, but those usually don’t work well, so opting for the paid VPN service is a much better choice. Apple computer users have a great Mac OSX client software to use as well. The apps are simple & easy to use. HMA offers 24/7 customer support so if you ever do run into an issue setting it up for your Apple TV you can easily reach out to them for help, and actually get your questions answered by someone who knows what their talking about.

VyprVpn- Full Review


VyrpVPN is a great all around VPN service for your Apple TV. Vyprvpn features over 700+ servers across 45+ countries. The service comes with some of the best looking software and apps out of all VPN providers, and high speed servers to match. VyprVPN offers support across all platforms via iOS, OS X, Windows, and plenty of useful visual setup guides. Backed with a 3 day no risk trial,  anyone could just test the service risk free before committing.


All in all, any of these services will get the job done. Some in a more straightforward process while others will give you more features for use with other devices on the network. Supporting mobile & desktop interfaces all with varied server support depending on your needs. At the end of the day no matter the VPN you pick, your assured you’ll get access to content like Netflix, Hulu, & more via the iTunes store. Allowing you stream content safely & securely no matter your location all via your Apple TV.

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