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Android TV was launched in 2014 and although the platform works well and has generally received good reviews, it hasn’t reached a high level of popularity. This is due in part to the lack of a consumer device capable of taking Android TV to the next level. Still, it is possible to find the platform in smart TVs, set- top boxes and Google even launched its own Android TV device called Nexus Player, which has been discontinued. Although there are other options available such as the impressive Shield TV by NVIDIA, the high cost has prevented Android TV from reaching a larger audience.

However, this may be about to change thanks to Xiaomi, a technology giant from China that has partnered with Google to launch the Mi Box, an Android TV device that costs only $69 USD. The Mi Box is Xiaomi’s first product released in the United States and it has quickly gained the attention of technology fans. The performance, simplicity and good quality of the Mi Box are being praised by users who want to extend the functionality of a standard TV set. Apart from offering a beautiful design and a convenient price, the Mi Box supports 4K and HDR streaming. It gives you the possibility of enjoying a large selection of apps including Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and YouTube on your TV.

The Mi Box runs the latest Android TV 6.0, it is easy to use and lets you access to a wide selection of entertainment. Many of the streaming apps supported by the Mi Box are only available in the United States. This is the case of Vudu, a service that allows you to rent and stream the latest DVD releases, as well as episodes of popular TV series. The same goes for Sling TV, a US based service that lets you watch cable TV channels such as ESPN online. With all the content that you can manage with Mi Box, it is worth considering getting a VPN that lets you enjoy more versatility. Below are the best options to enjoy seamless streaming and security when you use Mi Box.

ExpressVPN ( Visit Website )

One of the highlights of ExpressVPN is the great quality of its mobile apps. The service provides fantastic speeds so you can stream videos and music without problems. ExpressVPN has servers in 87 countries and offers great coverage in key locations such as the US. Since they are based in the British Virgin Islands they are not subject to strict data retention laws, which allows them to offer a strong privacy policy that promises that no logs of your activity are kept. ExpressVPN offers SmartDNS as well.

TorGuard ( Visit Website )

TorGuard is one of the providers that constantly updates its network to ensure that users have access to services that are subject to geographical blocks. They have servers in over 50 countries and their name refers to their commitment to offer security for Torrent users. TorGuard doesn’t keep logs and accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment, which allows them to offer a high level of privacy. They also protect your data with strong encryption and you can expect great speeds for streaming or downloading content.

PrivateInternetAccess ( Visit Website )

PIA is ideal for customers who don’t have previous experience with VPNs and who want a service that is simple and affordable. PIA works very well with Android TV devices, including Mi Box. The provider is very popular since it brings together security and great performance. PIA also offers good speeds and while its global coverage is limited to 24 countries, it has thousands of servers to support all its customers. The locations are strategically distributed so you can always find a good option. No activity logs are kept.

PureVPN ( Visit Website )

PureVPN gives you access to servers in 141 countries so you can enjoy a great level of flexibility to stream content. PureVPN has convenient features such as Internet Kill Switch, split tunneling and NAT firewall. They also have an option called HDX streaming, which is set to improve the speed and performance of the service, giving you a great experience with streaming services. PureVPN also has a solid privacy policy that states that no logs of your activity are kept.


NordVPN ( Visit Website )

Based in Panama, NordVPN is a strong option for privacy, but it is also great for bypassing online restrictions. They have a no logs policy and offer fantastic security through features like double VPN and Tor over VPN connection. This adds another layer of protection to your privacy because it routes your traffic over their VPN servers and Tor. Apart from the tough security supported, NordVPN has fast servers that are suitable for streaming and gaming.

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