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For Sports fans, ESPN is a well-known name as this network offers excellent coverage of some of the most important events. ESPN was founded in 1979 and it is one of the most popular and trusted sources of sports related content. The company has multiple channels with content available in the United States and it holds exclusive TV broadcasting rights to many sport leagues and major tournaments. ESPN offers live streaming access to the NBA Regular season and playoffs, Major League Baseball, Premier League, US Open, NFL matches and much more. ESPN has something for everyone and whether you love basketball, baseball or hockey, you can enjoy all the action with ESPN.

While access to live events on ESPN requires a cable subscription, to help viewers to watch their favorite sports even if they are not in front of a TV, ESPN offers online content and practical mobile apps to enjoy matches and shows on the go. The problem is that live streaming is only available in the United States. Even if you are subscribed to ESPN at home and you have downloaded the WatchESPN app, when you travel outside the US, you won’t be able to stream media. This is because ESPN’s distribution agreements with the rights holders of the media stream, are subject to geographical restrictions. To comply with these distribution deals, ESPN has to ensure that only users in the US can get access to the content.

How to access ESPN outside the US

In order to prevent media streaming from outside the US, ESPN has implemented geo-blocking, a process that enables them to check the IP address of every user who access the service. With the IP address, it is possible to determine the user’s exact location and anyone who tries to watch a game on WatchESPN using an IP address that is not based in the US will just be greeted by a message letting them know that the the content is blocked for them. This is very frustrating for ESPN subscribers who travel a lot and who don’t want to miss matches or their favorite ESPN shows. Thankfully, there is a practical solution to unblock ESPN, no matter where you are and that is using a VPN.

With a VPN, you will be able to change your IP address by simply connecting to a server located in the United States. This will make you appear as if you were there, which will allow you to unlock the content available from ESPN. If live outside the United States and don’t have a cable subscription to ESPN, you can opt for a paid service called Sling TV, which provides online access to ESPN live streams. This service is only available in the United States, so you will need to use a VPN to subscribe to them in order to watch live matches on ESPN.


Thanks to the fantastic speeds that it offers, ExpressVPN is ideal for streaming content. The service is effective, easy to use and supports a high level of encryption to keep your traffic secure. In the US, ExpressVPN gives you the possibility to connect to servers in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C, Miami and more. They also have a SmartDNS service. Although this option doesn’t offer the security of a VPN, it is also a practical way to bypass geo-restrictions.
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Private Internet Access

PIA is an affordable VPN service that offers strong protection and very good speeds. Since they have some of the lowest prices in the industry, but don’t sacrifice the quality of the service, they are ideal for users who want to cut down costs. After all, in order to access ESPN, you already have to pay for an ESPN subscription. PIA combines attractive pricing with good performance and its network has over 3,000 servers in 24 countries, including United States.
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PureVPN has a feature that is specifically designed to make your streaming more efficient and fast so you will get the best experience with the WatchESPN app. They have servers in different cities in the United States, including Tampa, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York and Miami. Their prices are also convenient and apart from the US, you will be able to access servers in 140 countries more.
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HideMyAss is a popular VPN solution with over 120000 IPs and servers in prcatically every country in the world. In the United States, they have over 300 servers that will allow you to bypass geographical blocks effectively. HMA offers fantastic speeds for streaming and the plans are reasonably priced.
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VPNArea is a comprehensive VPN solution that offers great security features, as well as a high level of security for your online data. They have servers in 60 countries, including United States. While their focus is on security and their client has great options like kill switch and DNS leaks protection, the speed of the service is also great for streaming.
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