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Switzerland is considered as a haven for privacy and the fact that it is not part of the European Union means that it doesn’t have to follow the EU Data Retention Directive. Internet users in Switzerland enjoy great freedom and the country has a less strict approach to torrenting than many of its neighbors. However, even in Switzerland there are threats to privacy. In the early 2000s, the country introduced laws that require Internet Service Providers to log IP addresses and web servers access data. This information can be kept for up to 6 months and the government is even able to use spying tools in cases involving criminal activities. Although surveillance and the use of spying methods are only meant to be used by law enforcement when there is enough proof of criminal activity taking place, there are reasons to be concerned, even if you are just a regular internet user.

Under the excuse of protecting the country, the government has tried to extend its power to monitor communications even further. There are many cases in which schools, hotels and other organizations are expected to hand over information to authorities. In essence, just because Switzerland has built a reputation as good location for privacy, it doesn’t mean that if you are there, you shouldn’t take measures to ensure that your online activities are not compromised. Using a VPN allows you to add a layer of protection for your data and it enhances the security of your online traffic. Even if you use public WiFi at a hotel, you will be able to enjoy strong security and avoid online surveillance and hacking. VPNs route your information through an encrypted tunnel, preventing third parties from seeing what you are up to. You can browse the web, watch videos, chat and more, without worrying about your privacy being compromised.

Although even in Switzerland there are some risks for privacy, there are some positive aspects for Swiss internet users. For instance, it should be noted that VPN providers are not required to log data. Torrenting users would also be glad to know that the country has a relaxed approach towards this activity. In the past, copyright enforcement agencies have gotten in trouble for collecting IP addresses and information of people suspected of downloading content. In general, the privacy laws in the country are design to protect individuals, as long as they are not involved in terrorism, child exploitation and other serious crimes. Apart from standing for privacy, the legislation also gives high importance to freedom of speech. Switzerland is one of the countries that is less likely to block websites and in spite of some attempts from the entertainment industry to change things, Switzerland is still being considered as a good location for accessing and downloading media content, which is why many VPNs offer servers there that allow P2P.

Whether you want to improve the security of your internet traffic, download content without concerns, or unblock websites and apps, a VPN is a solution that can significantly improve your online experience. You will be able to bypass geographical restrictions, keep your activities private and add security to your torrenting. There are many good reasons to use a VPN service, in Switzerland or anywhere else. Here you will find the best VPNs for Switzerland. This includes services that have servers in that country, in case you want to get a Swiss IP address.

Private Internet Access

PIA is not only one of the most affordable VPN solutions available, it is also a very secure and versatile one. It protects your online traffic with strong encryption, which scrambles the data to make it unreadable so others can’t see what you are doing. PIA doesn’t keep logs of your online activities and it offers access to thousands of servers in more than 30 countries. P2P is allowed in servers in different locations, including Switzerland. You can have up to five connections at the same time and PIA also includes SOCKS5 as part of the service.


ExpressVPN has an extensive experience in the VPN industry and it offers one of the fastest and most reliable services in the market. In addition, it protects your privacy with high encryption. You can connect to servers in more than 90 countries, including Switzerland. ExpressVPN also offers high quality software and on top of all the advantages of the service itself, ExpressVPN provides 24/4 support and while the price is higher, it is worth every penny. No logs are kept of your online activities.


Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN is a popular provider that allows you to connect to servers in more than 140 countries, giving you many options to overcome restrictions. PureVPN also has reasonably priced plans and it supports convenient features such as split tunneling. This allows you to use the VPN for specific applications, while keeping your standard internet connection for the rest of your traffic. PureVPN allows you to get around restrictions and it uses high encryption to protect your information. PureVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online activities.


VPNArea’s network is hosted in Switzerland and it has become a very popular solution thanks to the good performance of its service and the solid privacy policy. No logs are kept of your activities and you can connect to hundreds of servers in more than 60 countries. Thanks to features like kill switch, DNS leak protection and IPv6 leaks protection, you can keep your information safe. For an additional fee, you can get a dedicated IP and private server. P2P is allowed and you can have up to 6 connections at the same time.

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