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Best VPN for iPad 2019

ipad-VPNThe rise of iPads and tablets has been immense right alongside the iPhone. The revolutionary design of tablets further facilitated transport and with over a million and a half iPads sold, VPN providers we’re quick to develop software for all of Apple’s iOS devices. The need for a VPN on your iPad is very strong and the value of being protected is worth every penny. You see them everywhere and often outnumber laptop users at coffee shops, and that brings us to where it is most needed, on public networks where Wi-Fi is also open to attackers, making it a perfect spot to sit and prey on unsuspecting users.

We recently covered the Best VPNs for iPhone, and although very similar because both use the same iOS software, without being too redundant, we will try and concentrate on different features specifically for iPad users. On the iPhone VPN review, we concentrated on having the most secure protocol ‘OpenVPN’ as well as fast speeds. There are advantages in looking for a VPN specifically for your iPad, especially if it’s all you use. For the iPad, we concentrated on software and easy setup first. Lots of iPad users take advantage of the large screen to stream TV shows and movies, for that reason, we will highly considered server speed and finally two secondary factors being; cost and simultaneous devices.

Top VPN Services to use on an iPad


The high security supported by NordVPN and the advanced features designed to keep your information safe are two key factors that make this VPN an ideal solution for your iPad. You can enjoy the high quality performance and all the features that your iPad has to offer. NordVPN is a zero logs provider, which means that it doesn’t keep any records of your internet traffic or information such as your IP address. NordVPN has over 5000 servers, which gives you a lot of options to bypass blocks and enjoy access to the content tat you want. It has an excellent app for iOS so you can get the most of the VPN’s security and the online freedom that it provides.

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Private Internet Access


With thousands of servers in over 30 countries, high encryption, fast speeds and a great list of features, PIA is another fantastic solution to protect your iPad while you are online, and to bypass censorship and geo-blocks. PIA is an affordable service that covers all the features needed to keep your information protected and to get around restrictions. PIA also has a great app for iOS and it comes with convenient features that let you enjoy the best possible streaming or browsing experience on your iPad. No logs are kept of your activities.


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IPVanish scored high in speed and reliability. A great choice for users who stream video on their iPad. Wi-Fi in the house or about can often be impeded so having fast server speeds can at least ensure you will hit the maximum possible speeds in your environment. You can connect 1 device per protocol, so 1 device on OpenVPN, 1 on L2TP and since PPTP is not too secure, it should only be used on the least sensitive device, if any. Visual setup guides are offered to help configure VPN right off iPad settings, but software wise IPVanish offers a very basic iOS app with no extensive development behind it. It requires a minimum of a onetime configuration and you’re set to go. It does not make it a bad choice by any means, and one thing to consider is that light apps use very little resources and usually run smoothly.

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  • iTunes Store
    • Version:              1.0
    • Rating:                 4 Stars / 10 Ratings
    • Size:                     4.1 MB
    • Requires:           iOS 7 or later.


ExpressVPN went the extra mile for iPad users by also featuring a graphical server map allowing you to quickly connect to various server locations and easy one time setup. App store reviews we’re mixed advising of the software not working properly.We we’re not big fans of the graphical interface, it looks simple and traditional and would have possibly liked to see something a bit innovative. Overall, it lacks functional features. Speeds are respectable and servers seem stable but package prices are high considering the service only allows you to connect 1 device at a time.

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  • iTunes Store
    • Version:              3.1
    • Rating:                 3.5 Stars / 23 Ratings
    • Size:                     24.7 MB
    • Requires:           iOS 7 or later.


VPNExpress was worth noting as being the highest rated on the iTunes store. It is exclusively offered on the App Store by Bestsparks Inc. a small developer that also offers Birthday themed apps.  The reviews on the App Store are really great, advising of good speeds, reliable service and bug free software for iOS. They allow for 300MB of free data transfer before you can pay in-app for various plan lengths. Rates are very cheap from .99cents per month with limited data to $29.99 for a full year. However, because we know little about the service provider, we fear the in-app payment system may not be as secure as it should be, and because we know so little about Bestsparks and their log policies, we cannot fully vouch for the service.

  • iTunes Store
    • Version:              3.2.0
    • Rating:                 4.5 – 5 Stars / 570 Ratings
    • Size:                     5.8 MB
    • Requires:           iOS 6.0 or later.

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