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iPhone-5-VPNIf you love your iPhone, why not give it the ultimate protection it can possibly have. With a VPN service running on your smartphone, it will be protected no matter where you go. With the various public Wi-Fi networks you may fall upon to protecting your privacy across the web while you browse or log into your banking application. New security flaws keep surfacing from the thousands of new apps that are regularly released and with all the revelations about intelligence agencies snooping through our activities, VPN services have been on the rise across smartphone and iPhone users.

Today, tablets, iPhones, (and Android smartphones) have surpassed the sales of home computers to the point that some people don’t even own a PC anymore and get by using smaller devices. This has been a shift seen with light users that would usually not get much done out of their PC. But it also meant attackers and cybercriminals now had a new playground. Adding VPN security to your iPhone, not only ensures your identity and information cannot be stolen in public networks abroad, literally making it impossible for a hacker to break it, but it will also protect your online activity and ensuring privacy.

We know how much iPhone users care for their beloved devices, so we took the time to test for various important features from our favorite VPN providers and picked the best ones overall for their iPhone software, OpenVPN compatibility, speed and servers, customer service and cost value, to compile the following best VPN for iPhone picks below.

IPVanish – Full Review

IPVanish takes first place for iPhone VPN this time because they offer everything you would want at a slightly more affordable price than the competition. First and foremost, they keep updating the network adding blazing fast servers every month. Second, they offer their own iOS software for PPTP and L2TP but we highly suggest to pick OpenVPN instead and IPVanish offers easy to follow visual guides that will have you setup in under 2 minutes. Speed is constantly fast, nothing but good servers from IPVanish. Customer service has always been great and very importantly, IPVanish offers very competitive prices ranging from $7.50 per to month to as low as $4.87 with the yearly plan. Overall, no other service but PureVPN came close to beating IPVanish as the best iPhone VPN.

PureVPN – Full Review

In a very close second place is PureVPN. They also offer everything you would want for setting up a VPN on your iPhone. They have great iOS software that is really easy to use and looks fantastic. Setting up your iPhone is a breeze. Since we think OpenVPN is very important and should be favored over the provided software, we were pleased to see an easy to use graphic step by step tutorial on the website for setting up OpenVPN on your iPhone. PureVPN and IPVanish were the only two to offer these, so props to them. Customer service is better than average with 24/7 live chat and with prices starting from $6.95 to $4.16 per month, PureVPN is great value for your money. The only thing that kept PureVPN from being just as good or better than IPVanish, is that speeds were not as consistent. Although we usually get blazing fast speeds on PureVPN, a server change is required from time to time to find that optimal speed while as IPVanish seemed to win in that department.

ExpressVPN- Full Review

ExpressVPN take third pick for best iPhone VPN. It features really great software for iOS that we really loved. Fast network with plenty of servers but being based out of the US, they are required to keep some logs but still offer a solid log and privacy policy. Although the software is great, we do suggest to switch to OpenVPN but ExpressVPN does not offer any setup guide and that was their biggest downside for iPhone. Prices are fair, ranging from $12,95 to $8.32 per month, they are not the cheapest but they offer straightforward plans with a 30 day money back guarantee. With ExpressVPN, support is great and speeds are reliable and the software is easy to use, making it a great choice for iPhone (and Android) users.

VyprVPN – Full Review

VyprVPN is great for iPhone and provide a quality network. They have our favorite software for iOS, easy to use, looks great and features disconnection protection as well as easy swipe connect. It uses L2TP by default for high 256-bit encryption. So here’s what makes it rank lower on our list. Being US based, it has a bad log policy, no actual setup guide for OpenVPN, and you must pick between Pro and Premium packages or you’re stuck with less than desirable and unsecure PPTP. We are only down with L2TP and OpenVPN encryption so you’re having to pay premium priced packages to get what you need and the prices are only competitive if you take a yearly package. Overall they provide very fast servers and great customer service, so if you’re ready to commit, they still make a fine choice.

PrivateInternetAccess – Full Review

PrivateInternetAccess (PIA) is one of our favorite VPN services and has been for years. They offer great speeds, great customer service and great prices. So why is it not the best iPhone VPN in our books. Well for starters, they do not offer any software for mobile devices, but since we always prefer OpenVPN It’s not a huge deal. Unfortunately, they only offer setup guides for L2TP on iPhone VPN, and lack a proper visual setup guide for OpenVPN. If they ever add that one little guide on their site and add OpenVPN to their officially supported connection modes, they would jump to top a top 3 position. Unfortunately, because they don’t officially support it, and lack any type of iOS software, we had to rank them lower. They can still be considered for their great no-log policy and super low prices being from $6.95 to $3.33 per month. We love them and we’re sure you would too!


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