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South Korean online music store Melon is holding an event that will allow people to get a free membership for 30 days. This will give you the possibility of enjoying Melon’s best features for a full month. However, in order to take part in this event, you need to create a Melon account first. In this article, we will go through the steps required to join the event. The main steps are to create and verify a Melon account. Then you will be able to join the event to get a membership for free to stream and download content. Then we will tell you how to apply the coupon code to your account.

How to register for Melon and verify your account

You can easily create a Melon account, but in order to be able to get a membership and access content that is only available for users over 19 years old, you need to verify the account. Verifying the Melon account will enable you to listen to music, download it and more. You can create a Melon account using your mobile or KakaoTalk. The later is an option that may work for users outside South Korea. Keep in mind that to verify a Melon account, you will be asked to confirm a South Korean phone number or i-Pin. If you are unable to do this, you can buy a Melon account that is already verified from OBTGAME.

Join Melon event to get free streaming/download coupon code

All Melon registered users can join the event and there are different dates available. You can check the dates on http://www.melon.com/event/ and you can also join the event in this link. You can get one coupon for ID and you can only get one coupon per event. In order to win Melon Pass membership, you have the possibility of creating multiple Melon accounts.

How to get the bonus on your computer

  1. Once you have your Melon account, you can log into it and go to the event webpage in the link previously mentioned.
  2. Scroll down, enter “Monster” in the box and click on the Orange button.
  3. If a pop up message appears, just mark the box and then you will get the bonus. It is very simple.
  4. Select the grey button to copy the coupon code and then select the left orange button to register the coupon code.
  5. Paste the coupon code in the following link:
    http://www.melon.com/commerce/pamphlet/web/coupon_storeCupnView.htm to save the coupon to your account.
  6. Next, you will see the expiry date of the coupon code and you can select if you want to use it now or at a later stage.
  7. When you are ready to use the coupon, click the Green button. Remember that your Melon account should be verified before you can use the coupon. If you are unable to verify it using a South Korean number or i-Pin, you can buy a verified account or verify the one you already have using OBTGAME: https://www.obtgame.com/verified-melon-account.html?ac=11920

How to activate Melon coupon at a later stage

It is possible to use the coupon code in your Melon account on your mobile or computer. Here is how to use the coupon code. Log in to your Melon account on your computer, then select the area that has a 3 underlined. After that, you will be able to see all the coupons available in your account. Select the coupon that you want to use and activate it.

Joining a Melon Event

In general, the steps to join a Melon event are similar. You need to go to the Melon event website and log in to your account. Then select the event and click on the red button. You will be shown some photos, select one and click the red button. Then you need to click the red button again once you see the product of the sponsor of that particular event. Once you click the red button, you will be able to take part in the draw that could give you a Melon pass membership. Although there is no guarantee that you will win, there is a good chance and winning is not difficult.


Joining a Melon event can get you a free Melon Pass membership. It is possible to create more than one Melon account to increase your chances of winning. If you are unable to use the Melon app because you are outside South Korea, you can use a VPN service that has servers in South Korea. This way you can get an IP address in South Korea and get access to the service. Some of the best options are Expressvpn, Nordpvn and PrivateInternetAccess.

Learn how to create and verify your melon account.

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