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After regaining its independence in 1991, Estonia started a successful journey towards progress and nowadays it is one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries. Almost 90% of the population has access to internet and e-commerce and online services are very strong. Estonia embraced its freedom with open arms in many senses, including when it comes to internet. The country has taken advantage of new technologies to improve its economy and infrastructure, and its commitment to free and open internet access is recognized around Europe. Several internet and communications services providers operate in Estonia and people have access to a varied selection of content and freedom of expression is protected under the constitution.

The government doesn’t impose severe restrictions over the content that can be accessed, although there are some limitations when it comes to online gambling. By law, this type of websites have to acquire a special license, otherwise, they will be subject to restrictions. ISPs are required to block an extensive list of websites that don’t comply, but the list can be accessed to the public and the reasons behind the restrictions are not covert. Social media networks are widely used and there are not heavy restrictions on the content that is shared online. However, there have been some cases in which websites had to remove content deemed as inappropriate, or defamatory comments after receiving court orders.

While Estonia takes its citizens’ privacy seriously and there are regulations that aim to protect this right, internet users may still be subject to data collection and surveillance in some cases. Even if Estonia is a country without significant online restrictions and where privacy is mainly protected, there are still many reasons why a VPN service should be considered. The country has a solid internet infrastructure and it is possible to connect to internet without difficulties. Public WiFi is a practical option to get online while you are on the go, but this could put your personal data in danger as hackers may target vulnerable networks to intercept your connection.

In addition, the global scale of mass surveillance means that many people look for ways to enhance their privacy, no matter where they live. Internet users in Estonia may not face the same level of threats to privacy as those in the United States and other countries, but if you are concerned about who may try to access your online activities, a VPN is a must-have. Lastly, there are websites and streaming services that may not be available in Estonia due to geo-blocks. In that case, a VPN also comes handy as it lets you enjoy a more versatile experience. The VPN services that we have selected, offer reliable protection for your data and they will also allow you to bypass blocks effectively.

Best VPN Services for Estonia


ExpressVPN allows you to enjoy all the advantages of a VPN, including security, speed and the ability to bypass censorship and geographical restrictions. The speeds that the provider supports are incredible and will let you access streaming services without issues. They have servers in over 90 countries, including Estonia. If you live in Estonia and just want to add an extra layer of security and privacy to your connection, you can connect to a server there. If you want to unblock services available in other countries, ExpressVPN offers many options to defeat geo-blocks.


To be able to fully enjoy your internet connection, accessing all the content that you want without having to deal with restrictions, you need a provider like Surfshark. If you are in Estonia and want to be able to access websites or apps that are geo-restricted and can only be accessed in other countries, Surfshark is worth considering. You just need to connect to one of the servers in this provider’s network and enjoy high protection for all your activities. Others won’t see what you are doing and you’ll be glad to know that Surfshark has been independently audited and it has been confirmed that it doesn’t keep logs as it claims.


Privacy conscious users rely on NordVPN due to its no logs policy and the fact that the provider is based in Panama. Thanks to this location, they are not subject to mandatory data retention laws and don’t fall within the jurisdiction of the NSA. NordVPN has servers in 58 countries, including Estonia and neighboring countries like Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. In terms of security, NordVPN offers strong features that will keep your personal data and activities protected from eavesdroppers.


CyberGhost has servers in Estonia so if you need to keep a Estonian IP address to access local services and content, this is a great solution. There are also servers in other 50 countries and you can enjoy fast speeds for streaming, playing and downloading media. CyberGhost is known for its excellent customer support, easy to use and good software, as well as a strong commitment to keep your privacy protected. CyberGhost doesn’t keep any logs that could compromise your information. CyberGhost is secure, fast and it uses advanced technology to give users in Tallin and all acrooss Estonia, the best possible experience.

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