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Best VPN for Saving Battery on Mobile

The most frustrating experience when you are outside is when the battery of your phone dies. Sometimes, even though that you fully charged your phone, in a matter of a few minutes, your phone’s battery goes down by 50 percent. Usually this is caused by online mobile games, picture recording, video streaming, just to name a few. Another cause is the usage of a VPN. The reason behind this is that most mobile VPN apps are not optimize which is not made correctly for mobile phones.

Free VPN Apps

There are free VPN apps such as the most popular free VPN service provider, Hotspot Shield. Most reviews about the mentioned VPN service provider do not provide good and positive comments and we do not recommend them either. One reason is that they could cause bad battery loss. Another is that they could unintentionally give your data out. This does not only apply to Hotspot Shield but most free VPN apps could cause the same situations. With this, one would question, “then what VPN would not cause loss of your phone’s battery?”

TorGuard, Best VPN for Mobile Saving Battery

When choosing a mobile VPN, it is important to ensure that they have good PC VPN foundation as well and luckily, TorGuard is one of those that has a good PC foundation. Their mobile version is easy to use and is compatible with both mobile and PC as well. It is free to download but for you to be able to use its features and functions, you will need to subscribe to one of their offered plans. TorGuard mobile app offers amazing and good features that you would truly appreciate. They have high quality security functions, high connection speed, no logs policy and most importantly, they will not eat your battery and this makes TorGuard the best VPN for saving battery for your mobile phone.

TorGuard’s Features and Functions

TorGuard is known for having the best connection speed. It is perfect for those who loves to download torrents, watch streaming and play online games. In fact, even PCMag is impressed by TorGuard’s connection speed. Aside from that, TorGuard has an amazing customer service team. They have 24/7 live chat coverage in case you encounter any problems or have queries regarding their services. They also offer encrypted emails, calendar support, unlimited mail storage, MITM protection, and G/PGP encryption. Aside from that, TorGuard is the only VPN service provider that sells dedicated IPs. This means, you are assured one hundred percent that you will be able to access geo-restricted content and sites such as Netflix.

TorGuard also assures its clients that they do not record any browsing activities and they have strict no logs policy. Hence, you do not have to worry about your data being leaked to third parties. Lastly, TorGuard ensures clean reputation and transparency.

With all of these amazing features, we could say that we highly recommend TorGuard as a VPN that could save your phone’s battery but also for general usage as well.

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