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Vimeo VPNYouTube may be the first name that comes to your mind when you think about about watching videos online for free, but Vimeo has been around since 2004 and it offers many advantages that make it a worthy competitor for Google’s platform. Vimeo gives creators the chance to share and monetize their videos through an ad-free platform that supports a wide range of tools. Vimeo is known for its innovative technology and in 2007 it took the lead by becoming the first video sharing platform to support high definition video. It offers a great set of features that enable people to post and access a vast selection of content. The company is based in New York and it is regularly updating its list of products to provide users more ways to create amazing videos. One of the most recent solutions launched is Stock, a collection of royalty-free videos selected by experts, covering many different categories.

It is possible to join to Vimeo for free, but to take full advantage of all the tools and services available, getting a paid membership is highly recommended. Vimeo works with the best creators in the world to offer exclusive content. Vimeo is respected in the industry due to its innovative vision, the dedicated support that it offers to creators and the collaborative and creation enabling features that it offers. Its fast, customizable and convenient media player allows users to enjoy a great experience watching ad-free content. Vimeo focuses on flexibility and it is an ideal solution to bring your brand and creations to your target audience. Through its extensive collection of video clips and the features that support a variety of needs, Vimeo helps people to grow their business or just to have a great entertainment experience.

Vimeo also gives creators control over their content, allowing them to choose how they want to share it and allowing them to collaborate with others. The privacy controls let you manage the access to your videos. You can choose who can see them, when and where, thanks to the advanced privacy settings. Although this is a good first step to ensure that your content is not accessed without your permission, protecting your privacy takes more than simply adjusting the settings. Even when you use a video platform like Vimeo, it is worth considering the risks to your online privacy. The best tool to protect it is a VPN. This technology will keep your internet traffic secure, thanks to the use of encryption. If you don’t want your ISP or other parties spying on you, using a VPN is a must.

Keeping your online activities private and preventing others from stealing your information are two very important reasons for using a VPN. However, if you want to enjoy Vimeo to the fullest, it is likely that the main reason why you want to use a VPN is its unblocking capacity. In some locations, you may experience issues when you try to access Vimeo. This may be due to network blocks, censorship or geographical restrictions. Regardless of the reason, a VPN can help you to bypass the restrictions and get access to Vimeo and other media content platforms, no matter where you are. When choosing a VPN for Vimeo, it is important to consider factors like speed, selection of servers and apps. You need a VPN that offers high quality software, fast servers and reliable performance. The options below cover all these features and they are set to help you overcome any obstacles and enjoy Vimeo securely.

Top VPN Services to Unblock Vimeo


NordVPN is one of the most trusted providers in the industry and it is easy to understand why when you look at its high commitment to privacy and the advanced technology that it supports. NordVPN keeps your information protected from eavesdroppers and it allows you to overcome restrictions. It uses military-grade encryption and it also lets you bypass blocks and make the most out of your Vimeo experience. You can connect to ultra fast servers and watch video clips from any location. NordVPN doesn’t keep logs at all and it lets you use up to 6 devices at the same time.


Surfshark is a fast, reliable and secure VPN that is becoming more and more popular. It offers features that protect you from malware, trackers and ads that can spoil your browsing and streaming experience. It also lets you select which apps can run through your regular connection. This is handy if you want to use your regular connection for online banking, while the rest of the traffic uses the VPN. When it comes to Vimeo, Surfshark is a great choice since it allows you to overcome restrictions through its No Borders mode. It also lets you connect as many devices as you want at the same time and it doesn’t keep logs.


CyberGhost is another provider that will help Vimeo users to bypass blocks and access content without compromising their privacy and the security of their data. You can connect to over 3000 servers in over 50 countries, which gives you many chances to defeat restrictions. The vast selection of servers and the powerful unblocking technology used, make CyberGhost a good choice for video platforms like Vimeo. CyberGhost’s apps are easy to use and cover all the features that you need to get the most out of Vimeo and keep your data protected. CyberGhost doesn’t keep logs and it offers affordable plans.


Last, but not least we have ExpressVPN. While the price of ExpressVPN’s plans is slightly higher, it is one of the best providers available. It is definitely an investment that is worth making. You can get access to servers in more than 90 countries and one of the highlights of ExpressVPN is speed. This VPN is known for offering remarkable speeds and reliable performance, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see it in the list of the best VPNs for Vimeo. The apps are also fantastic and the high level of security supported, will ensure that your entire traffic is protected from online threats. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your activities and it is capable of overcoming blocks in any location.

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