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Twitch_logoTwitch was first created by the team behind, which helped revolutionize online streaming, video podcasting, and live broadcasts. Twitch was created for gamers to livestream themselves playing games to communities of gamers watching from all over the world. YouTube for some reason decided to pay little attention to the video game streaming industry for a long time, leaving Twitch to grow a community of millions of streamers and viewers. It was no surprise that gamers jumped on the video platform, enabling them to show off their gaming skills, build a subscriber list and earn an income from streaming their gameplay.

It’s now arguable that there are more people watching others play games, than actually playing at one time. With special events, competitive gaming tournaments and unique content created all over the world, Twitch has championed a completely new, subset community industry in gaming.

Streamers send their source video and audio to Twitch’s platform, which in turn handles the distribution of the feed to the world through their servers. This does cause some lag issues for certain parts of the world. For example, if you’re watching a stream from South Korea, but are located in Brazil, you may find it difficult to get a good stream when using the highest quality source option. With today’s advanced graphics, and with the advancements in ultra-HD, streaming at 480p kind of sucks.

Gamers themselves can benefit in many ways from VPN, as well as protecting their data and IP from being sniffed. Unfortunately, many gamers are running into malicious DDoS attacks. The worst cases have to be those of kids in the U.S. “Swatting” another gamer using his IP.

When choosing a VPN service for Twitch, you want to consider what you actually need it for. If you’re a gamer and streamer yourself, a fast VPN service with good upload bandwidth reliability and fast ping times are important. If you’re just looking to unlock content, or get faster speeds from overseas streams, you can get away with a less expensive service.

Private Internet Access – Full Review

If you don’t want to spend much, but still want a good service with minimal speed loss, and reliable security, Private Internet Access can deliver with thousands of servers to handled bandwidth. They do not provide as many locations as some, covering only 18+ countries, but with lots of coast to coast servers in the U.S., they can most likely answer your needs. PIA also has one of the lowest costing services, and allow up to 5 simultaneous connections per account, making them a perfect budget VPN for Twitch, without sacrificing too much on quality.

ExpressVPN – Full Review

If you’re an all in gamer that has more than just a PC, ExpressVPN is a very interesting choice. Covering almost 80 countries, they have one of the largest fast VPN networks with some of the software clients I’ve used. Furthermore, if you own an Xbox, Playstation, or Apple TV, the service includes a SmartDNS configuration at no extra cost. The service costs more than most competitors, but you get what you pay for.

IPVanish – Full Review

IPVanish is popular with video streamers due to promoting and advertising their service as the fastest VPN provider. They have grown impressively fast, while retaining a no log privacy policy, solid security, and indeed very fast servers. Upload rates are always good, and all depending on where you are located, you may find the service to be the answer to improving your speed on Twitch.

Surfshark – Full Review


Surfshark’s amazing speeds make it another great choice for Twitch as it enables you to access your favorite streams without delays. You can bypass restrictions easily by connecting to a server in a location where Twitch is available. In addition, you can keep your real IP address hidden, which gives you anonymity. Surfshark offers easy to use apps that include features that will enhance the security of your connection. Since Surfshark doesn’t keep logs of your activities, it is also a good solution for privacy conscious users. You can access servers in over 50 countries at the moment, but the network is set to grow even more.

Stream on Twitch Prime

Given that Amazon acquired Twitch, it doesn’t come as a surprise to find out that Twitch Prime is now included with Amazon Prime membership. This means that if you have Amazon Prime, it possible to access all the features supported by Twitch Prime without paying an additional charge. All you have to do is to link both accounts to get all the benefits that are supported. These include free shipping, unlimited one-day delivery, access to over two million songs without ads, as well as an extraordinary catalog of movies and TV shows.
Twitch Prime allows you to access free game downloads, free in-game items and bonus loot available on a monthly basis. You can also expect amazing surprises and enjoy an ad-free streaming experience. You can subscribe to a new Twitch channel every 30 days without having to pay extra. Keep in mind that it is only possible to get Twitch Prime in countries where Amazon Prime is supported. At the moment, the list includes Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, France, United States and United Kingdom. If you are in a location where Amazon Prime is not available, you can get Twitch Turbo instead. Another simple option to enjoy all the advantages of Amazon Prime, even if you don’t live in a country where it is available, is to get a VPN service. This will help you to mask your location and get an IP address from one of the countries where Amazon Prime is currently available.

In Conclusion

I hope this list has helped you find a VPN provider that can better your internet performance on Twitch, or at least encrypt and protect your personal data, while unblocking geographically restricted content. Just remember that using servers from very distant locations can actually add lag and longer response times. That is why picking a good VPN for Twitch can be hard when looking for free services, as they rarely provide the needed bandwidth and quality for video streams. Paying a few dollars a month should land you a much better experience.

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