How to Block Facebook From Using Your Browsing History for Ad Targeting

Facebook-selling-your-Browser-Data-how-to-Opt-OutRecently, Facebook made the privacy world mad once more by announcing that it was finally going to start using the data collected from your browser’s history to get better ad targeting. The website and various apps get your permission to collect the data, but personal browsing history was not used previously until now. Pretty much, Facebook will compile your browsing history to further help their advertisers target ads specific to your personal interests.

There is a way to opt-out of this new policy usage of your personal information, keeping in mind that the data will be collected regardless, but you can at least tell them not to use it for their advertisers. It still leaves much concern about your privacy and if using Facebook is worth giving up all that information forever. However, for the time being, you can at least stop Facebook from sharing that information with all their third-party advertisers, further undermining your privacy.

To actually stop the data from being shared, you must opt-out by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance and submitting the decline to share. We will quickly go over the steps to complete on the website so that you can ensure you have properly opted out. To effectively use the website, you must ensure Adblock or any similar type add-on from your browser is turned off.

For Computer Users:

Step 1. Once you have disabled Adblock (if any), visit the Digital Advertising Alliance page here.

Step 2. Once the page has fully loaded, locate the “Companies Customizing Ads For Your Browser” tab and ensure it is selected and displaying the list of companies below. Scroll down and locate Facebook. If Facebook is not on the list, it is not affecting that current browser but you can still opt out from any other companies listed.

Step 3. Once you have located Facebook under either tab, click on the check box next to Facebook and any other sites and services that you do not wish to allow usage of your data for advertising. Once you have made your selections, simply click on “Submit your choices” at the bottom. Once completed you should be presented with an Opt Out Completed popup confirming how many participating companies you have successfully opted out from. Done.

For Mobile Users:


Step 1. Open your settings menu and Select General -> Restrictions -> Advertising (which is found under the Privacy menu).

Step 2. Turn on ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ and you have now successfully protected your browser history from being shared with advertisers.


Step 1. Open your Google Settings menu and Select Ads ->  and check the box next to ‘Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads’. You have now successfully blocked your data from being shared with advertisers on your Google device.

Like we mentioned, this does not mean that your devices and Facebook will stop collecting the data, but you are at least putting a stop to them sharing it. We think it is better than allowing it to be made into a profitable asset while allowing advertisers to creep into your personal online details and target you advertisements. It is a small step, but well worth it to help keep your data out of thousands of unknown hands.


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