Best CouchTuner Alternatives (Free and Paid Alternatives)

Nowadays, it is not a secret that torrent trackers and free streaming websites are really popular amongst movie, series lovers and those who prefer to watch over the internet instead of cable television. However, it is highly recommended for netizens to take some measures to be careful by being anonymous and to ensure that your connection is secured as data leakage is very high. With this, we recommend the usage of VPNs and here are the top 5 providers which you could choose from:

  1. ExpressVPN – This is the top choice for CouchTuner as it offers robust protocols such as DNS/IPv6 leak protection.
  2. NordVPN – this service provider is super -fast it will allow you to watch your movies without buffering, limits and restrictions.
  3. CyberGhost – This VPN’s focus is blocking malware and ads. With it, we could assure you will not have to fear that your device will be harmed.
  4. IPVanish– Another great option to protect your data while using CouchTuner. It comes with 256-bit encryption and privacy protocols.
  5. VyprVPN – This is a perfect software that comes with user friendly apps for all devices. This VPN is perfect for CouchTuner.

Today’s generations are no longer into paying for channels they seldom watch and they usually find cheaper alternatives to be able to watch shows that they enjoy. Through this article, you will gain more knowledge on the following topics:

  1. What is CouchTuner?
  2. Is it worth it?
  3. Is it safe?
  4. How to unblock it?
  5. What are working CouchTuner domains?
  6. Tor with CouchTuner
  7. Are proxy servers safe?
  8. Is a VPN effective for CouchTuner?
  9. Best VPNs for CouchTuner
  10. Benefits of using VPN
  11. Top CouchTuner alternatives

What is CouchTuner?

If you are looking for a free streaming web, CouchTuner is your best bet. It comes with wide range of television shows. As with everything, nothing is perfect and CouchTuner is not an exemption. It has gained a few complains about the organization of its content and it does not have any autoplay function. Though this is the case, this website is still one of the most popular sites that most viewers visit.

Is CouchTuner worth using?

Though CouchTuner is a private website, it includes content that are illegal. It is said that watching movies through CouchTuner in the US and Europe could be unsafe and one could face criminal charges. However, before you close this article, we would suggest that you read until the end.

Is CouchTuner safe?

Though some content of CouchTuner are safe, there are a few concerns and queries that were raised and they are the following:

  1. The website does not need and require for you to create an account for you to access its content but there are some users who were asked to sign in as soon as they visit the website. We strongly recommend not to click on this button as it could lead to unanticipated downloading of the program or software.
  2. CouchTuner is a free website which means there will be lots of advertisements which could bring harm to your computer.

With these concerns, we could say that CouchTuner is not 100 percent safe but if you really want to gain access to free entertainment, then we highly suggest that you be extremely cautious and have extra safety measures.

How to unblock CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a website that violates anti-piracy laws which was the reason why it was shut-down and the owners has to use other domains for the site to continue working.

Why is it possible to access CouchTuner?

Though CouchTuner is blocked in some countries like India, Australia, Norway, Denmark, France, Malaysia and Ireland, CouchTuner could still be accessed due to the following reasons:

  • There is no association or special body that will specifically search for websites that violates piracy laws. There is no one that will sue for copy infringement on the net.
  • It is expensive to chase pirated content on the internet.
  • The only way to block these types of sites is only through geo-blocking that some countries and government implement.

What are working CouchTuner domains?

The best five CouchTuner websites are the following:

  1. 1mycouchtuner.bz
  2. couchtuner.rocks
  3. couch-tuner2.in
  4. couchtuner.io
  5. mycouchtuner.ag

Though these sites are running well and are in what we could say in good condition, we still recommend that you take time and effort in having extra measures in ensuring that your computer will not be harmed nor your personal data be accessed by anyone.

Why use extra measures with CouchTuner?

With any pirated website, a netizen is highly recommended to be conscious, cautious and protective with his or her data and device because of the following reasons:

  1. CouchTuner could contain viruses and malware. It is suggested not to click on any pop-ups, advertisements or any suspicious buttons.
  2. While surfing the net, your IP address is always seen or viewed by ISP and other third-parties.

Though these are the cases, there are ways to undo or avoid them.

Tor with CouchTuner

One way to avoid the mentioned unwanted situation when using CouchTuner is through Tor. Though Tor is often associated with bad reputation and suspicious activities, it is one way to stay anonymous online.

Tor encrypts data three times which makes your IP address safe from any third party who attempts to get your data. Moreover, Tor is affordable and legal as well.

Disadvantage of using Tor with Couchtuner:

The disadvantage in using Tor is, it cannot fileshare and its users cannot watch videos online with it. The reason behind it is Tor’s bandwidth is limited which means it cannot support torrenting nor streaming videos. Furthermore, Tor will slow your internet connection which is very inconvenient in downloading and watching videos.

Are proxy servers safe?

Another method you could use to access the real CouchTuner is through the use of a proxy. A proxy is usually used to hide your IP address. To use a proxy, all you have to do is choose one that is not banned in your country.

Here are some samples of proxies you could use:

  1. USA – couchtuner.prox4you.pw
  2. USA – counchtuner.123unblock.xyz
  3. UK – couchtuner.mrunlock.icu
  4. Russia – couchtuner.nocensor.pro
  5. Spain – couchtuner.unlockproject.icu

Also, in addition to the list mentioned above, HideMy.name. could help you find other proxies that could be used in your country.


Though proxy servers could hide your IP address, they cannot encrypt your data.

Is a VPN effective for CouchTuner?

Last option you could use is a VPN or Virtual Private Network. It is one of the best option to unblock free streaming websites and social networks like Reddit, YouTube, Netflix, etc.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a tool that offers encryption service for your internet connection. It also encrypts logins, passwords and sensitive data. You will also be safe from public WiFi and history of your browsing will be inaccessible to anyone.

Why is it Effective?

  • It changes and replaces your IP address.
  • It encrypts data.

What are the features of a VPN?

1. Logs

Your logs are usually files that contain your computer’s information. There are two types of logs- connection logs which are information about the amount of data transfer and how long you connect to the web. Usage logs- these are your browsing history, connection time and IP address. Through a VPN, these information and data are not kept nor saved.

2. Protocols

The usual protocols the VPNs have are OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. The OpenVPN is one of the most secured and fasted protocol that VPNs offer. It supports and is compatible with many platforms. To install an OpenVPN, you will need to have a third-party software. Check with your VPN provider if they have this type of features.

3. IP Leak Protection

Through a VPN, you could be assured that your IP address will be kept private and secret. VPNs prevent any data leak through its functions such as Kill Switch and Firewalls. These features stop any leakage from your internet connection.

4. Simultaneous connections

Not only you will be able to enjoy watching shows in CouchTuner, you will also be able to share connection with others as you could watch and use VPN connection simultaneously on different devices.

5. Speed

Using a VPN will reduce your connection speed but what’s great is all you do in the net will be encrypted. Though using a VPN will not have much of a difference in speed when browsing the net but you might feel a little bit of slowing down if you will use CouchTuner or other streaming websites. Though this is the case, fret not, as there are some VPN providers that offer fast and high speed.

Benefits of Using a VPN with Couchtuner Alternatives

1. Bypassing geo-blocking – there are a few sites that are restricted in other countries and could only be accessed in certain locations only. Through a VPN you will be able to circumvent this and accessed any geo-blocked sites wherever you are.

2. Anonymous browsing – Through a VPN, you will be able to hide your IP address from any third party who wish to get data from your browsing history and the like.

3. Security – A great VPN could protect personal data and your device itself a well. You will not have to worry visiting free website that could harm your computer.

4. Protection of data – There are a lot of data leakage going around the net but through VPN, you could be sure that your data is kept private and secured.

5. Freedom of Speech – It is unfortunate that most netizens don’t feel free on the internet due to sharing pictures or jokes on social media could bring you to prison. There are countries that has speech restrictions but through VPN, you could stay free online.

CouchTuner Alternatives

1. Netflix

This company started only as a DVD by mail and by 2007 they ventured into the online streaming industry. This site has been the most popular site not only in the US and Canada but worldwide. They have movies and series that are offered for all ages and tastes. Though this site is paid, its contents are limited depending on the country or location you are in but through a VPN, this is not an issue as you will be able to access and get through geo-blocking features of this site wherever you are.

2. Hulu

Hulu has about 20 million subscribers and cost only about $7.99/ month. Unfortunately, this site is only available in the USA. To be able to use the content in this site, you will need to change your IP address.

2017- Hulu with Live TV was launched and has about 450 thousand subscribers to it.

3. Putlocker

This site is one amazing CouchTuner alternative. It comes with wide range of collection of high quality movies and TV series. Moreover, this site is free but since it is free, you will need to be cautious of malware.

4. The Daily Fix

This site is another great option and alternative to CouchTuner. It has one of the hugest online movie libraries. Through this site, you will be able to access and find the trendiest and latest shows. This site is free and you don’t need to register to access movies and shows.

5. Café Movie

Café Movies comes with a wide range of movies and films from all over the world. Their movies come in different languages and its interface is well managed and the titles are well sorted out as well. You will also find classic movies here. To access these amazing shows and movies, you will need to register online first.


Since it is the age of internet and technology, there are many websites both paid and free lurking around the web. Hence, it is essential for one to be careful and to take some measures to protect their devices and privacy. Also, if you really want to access something that is restricted, you could unblock them and still be safe at the same time by being anonymous online through the methods mentioned above. In addition to that, another great alternative to stream is torrenting and here are some of the best sites you could use:

  • TorrentDownloads
  • YIFY torrent
  • Torrentking
  • Toorgie
  • Seedpeer
  • TorrentProject
  • Sky Torrents
  • iDope
  • Torrent Downloads

We hope through this article we were able to help you in being safe and secured while surfing the net at the same time for you to be able enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows.

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