Dell Upgrades SonicWall with VPN Mobile Controls


Corporations have been using VPN services for a very long time. It ensures protection from data sniffing on sensitive networks and protecting traveling users on public Wi-Fi networks where cyber criminals can target unsuspecting users at a restaurant or hotel.

The costs related to these services really pile up for IT departments, and they are far from being simple to manage. It requires many man hours to setup the services across the network and frequent updates require a redundant maintenance to ensure the VPN is as secure as it should be.

To help with this problem, Dell announced at the Interop Spring 2014 conference, a beta version of SMA, Dell Secure Mobile Access. The new version provided control over what applications can utilize the VPN service in place on the network. This option and type of hands on control was not possible before on pre-programmed platforms, allowing the administrator to control internet and VPN access simultaneously on all mobile devices, regardless of the software it uses, where or even how it’s used. This now simplifies the management of VPN service on a large corporate network for IT teams, saving money and resources, removing the need to always update software on all devices regularly.

The software is well thought out, not requiring programing the devices individually, apps can be authorized per-user, per-device or the use of roles can be applied to manage large amounts of devices and users. Any mobile application can be controlled by admins without requiring software modification, app wrapping or the constant software development tool deployment kits. Additionally, this solves the big problem corporations face with the security of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The policy allows users with their personal devices to comply with the corporate access allowing data restrictions on any machine, once again without the need of additional software other than the existing VPN protocol.

Dell explained they are using a full ‘lifecycle’ approach to address many gaps needing improvement across network infrastructures and applications. This development is part of a bigger project called Dell Enterprise Mobile Management, taking a step forward in network management in an ever so growing mobile device world. There is no question, the resources to be saved are huge due to the elimination of having to recompile software alone and with the extra man hours saved on managing security and access through mobile is also a huge leap forward in a world where managing networks mixed with mobile has never been so complicated.

We expect other players in the market to take note of this approach of tackling the sever issues IT departments face with the exponential growth of infrastructure and technology. If you’re looking for a VPN for your small or medium sized business, check out our article on the subject.

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