ExpressVPN Launches Lunar VPN Server – Galactic Protection!

Sorry we couldn’t help ourselves but re-post ExpressVPN’s entertaining April Fool’s post. Be wary of the internet on this day of the year 🙂

A first in the VPN world, ExpressVPN has been working on deploying a VPN server on The Moon! They announced the news today saying it was thanks to user suggestions for higher security that they came up with this outer space idea.


The Moon can now be found among all other server locations on all platforms of their application and users can connect in the same fashion.

android-server-location iphone-moon-server-location

ExpressVPN pointed out the advantages of using their moon location. Due to being out of any country jurisdiction, the lunar server ensures no earthling monitoring is possible. They describe their speed as being great all over the globe using the strong gravitational pull between earth and the moon to expedite the data signal. However lunar phases will certainly affect it, we can’t wait for the next full moon, aahhhhouuuuuu!

ExpressVPN promised to give us more details and all the behind-the-scenes ordeals they faced on their spacial feat on their next post. We love this first of its’ kind idea and initiative. We can’t wait to hear more. Check out our review on ExpressVPN here or visit their website here.

Renee Biana

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