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globalnetworkP2P changed the way media is shared in a very significant way. We all remember Napster, everyone was downloading music and burning their own mix CDs. It sparked large labels and distributors to engage their lawyers in a legal war against peer-to-peer enabling platforms and every so often, lawsuits against users were filed, especially in the US. Although Napster was forced to shut down, the world can now see how much of an error it was for the music industry to go against the new technology. BitTorrent protocol use has grown exponentially and accounts for a large percentage of all internet data traffic.

The copyright laws have not changed and the media industry along with governments have been hard at work to attempt to gain a foot inside strong legislation against copyright infringement and file sharing. ISPs are often given little choice but to collaborate with legal teams and provide information on peer-to-peer users in their client base. Efforts to squash piracy have not been effective. They often only punish a unfortunate few, but due to constant failures, new agencies are being formed and trying to turn world governments into a unified copyright policing system, allowing prosecution against downloading even a single movie.

One of the tools used by ISPs to try and squash torrent file sharing, is to throttle bandwidth when bittorrenting is sniffed on your connection. The ISP will monitor the files being shared and squeeze the speed down, not allowing for much to be downloaded or shared within that given time frame. Without much regulation, internet service providers are able to verify the data being transferred on your computers and devices, privacy is literally non-existent and data records can be kept for years, soon decades if they wish.

Privacy from your ISP is not all that is at risk when using your internet connection conventionally, especially when downloading torrents. With so many torrent users online today, it is an open playground for cyber criminals, sharing popular files containing malware. These attackers can quickly use backdoor techniques to use your computers and internet to send out spam, infect other computers and even steal your personal details. The risk is real and not just on torrents but also websites, email anywhere really. The fact that your IP is public at the time of downloading the torrent, makes it much easier for an attacker to gain access to your system.

Using a VPN when on the web, ensures that your identity is hidden. No one can see your real IP, no one can detect your location and more importantly, all the files you download and upload are encrypted, meaning that even your internet service provider cannot see the data source or content. This means not only your privacy is restored, but there will no longer be any bandwidth speed throttling and slow torrent transfers. Hiding your IP adds a layer of protection against attackers trying to track you and as we covered, the risks are always higher when using a large file sharing torrent sites operating today.

We are not here to encourage piracy, and we firmly believe that if you like it, use it, then buy it!

With that said, we still believe privacy is an immense need to secure our future, safety and freedom of speech. There are many who simply wish to use unrestricted torrent sharing such as software developers and project managers wanting the simplest most accessible and fast way to share data. Business needs for VPN service are on the rise with so much valuable data worth large sums of money to investors being transferred on open networks now becoming a daily concern. VPN is that first layer of protection, along with a good anti-virus, it is currently the safest way to browse the internet with no other viable option. We don’t mind, it works great and does not cost much!

The biggest advantages of opting for a VPN connection:

ISPs cannot verify or sniff your data transfers

Ensuring no data collection can be made on your internet usage. It also effectively removes any bandwidth throttling, but also giving you unrestricted access to worldwide internet services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC by simply changing to a server located in respective region, effectively masking your real location.

Log Free Connections

No logs or logging done of your data transfers, what you do on the internet is not recorded, ensuring your privacy at all times. All reputable VPN services should offer Log Free service, we highly recommend you check out our reviews for the best most reputable services available.

Hiding your IP is the same as safeguarding your identity and computer or device

Cyber attackers cannot see you, therefore they cannot attack you. VPN service is the best first line of defense for internet security. It is important to run regular virus scans and have live protection for websites, email and torrent files. Together, a VPN service and Anti-Virus becomes an enforced protection measure that we highly advise to all peer-to-peer bittorrent users, businesses and everyday users concerned with their privacy.

Always remember to take into account if your actions are illegal, support software developers and media companies and buy their product if you want to use it. We wish happy and safe file sharing to all. And hey, if you need a VPN for torrenting, why not check out our guide to some of the best for that use.

Renee Biana

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