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Does UFlix work with Netflix?

Netflix has been cracking down on the use of VPN services in an effort to prevent subscribers from accessing content that is not available in their region. Since Netflix US offers a wider selection of TV series and movies, users from other countries have turned to VPNs in an attempt to bypass geo-blocks. The problem is that Netflix’s restrictions are becoming more difficult to defeat and there is only a limited selection of VPN services that are effective at the moment. Many services are focused on helping Netflix subscribers to enjoy access to libraries that are more extensive. One of those services is UFlix, an Australian solution designed to unlock international content from streaming services like Netflix.

UFlix masks your IP address so that you appear as if you were accessing a website or platform from the country of your choice. As the name suggests, UFlix was set to be a solution to bypass geographical blocks in Netflix. We say “was” because unfortunately, the service is no longer working for this purpose. UFlix is still a good option to access content from Hulu, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, HBO Now and Amazon Instant Video. However, not all providers of VPN and Proxies have managed to keep up with the advanced measures applied by Netflix to stop users from circumventing their blocks and unfortunately, UFlix is one of the options that is not effective anymore.

Although UFlix still works as an option to unblock content from other services, Netflix users who are looking for a way to get more out for their Netflix subscription by accessing more content in other regions, will be disappointed. UFlix is not the only company that has given up and this is understandable considering that it is very difficult to keep up with the strict bans imposed by Netflix. The situation has turned into a game of cat and mouse in which Netflix is constantly stepping up its game, and only a few VPN providers have managed to catch up and even get ahead of the streaming service.

It is also worth keeping in mind that UFlix and other DNS proxy services are not the best options when it comes to security. While UFlix can disguise your IP address so that you can trick websites and applications into thinking that you are located elsewhere, it doesn’t protect your online traffic from eavesdroppers, unlike a VPN. When you use a VPN service your traffic is encrypted, which keeps it protected from those who try to steal your information or monitor your online activities. UFlix is only intended as a solution to change your IP address so that you can access content that is blocked in your location, but it won’t add a strong layer of security of privacy.

Why did UFlix stopped working for Netflix?

Being able to bypass restrictions on Netflix was a big selling point for UFlix since not many providers are effective in this area. However, this Australian service admitted that whenever a new networks was set up or when they tried to find a workaround, Netflix was blocking it almost immediately. Although UFlix may work again in the future and while it claims to be working on possible ways to bypass the blocks, by now the provider has decided to accept defeat and it has removed any reference to Netflix from the website.

As previously mentioned, UFlix is not the only casualty in the battle to bypass Netflix’s blocks so the fact that it doesn’t work anymore with this streaming platform doesn’t mean that the service is bad. The truth is that Netflix is committed to comply with its licensing agreements, which prevent it from offering content outside from the authorized regions. If the agreement establishes that a TV show or movie can only be shown in certain regions, Netflix must comply with its part of the deal. The company is trying to keep Hollywood studios happy and as such, it has rolled out an intensive strategy to sure that the system can’t be circumvented.

Are there alternatives available?

While the situation is not stable and a service that is currently working may not be effective tomorrow, there are still companies that can help you to bypass Netflix’s blocks so that you can access the content that you want. Some of this services have managed to defeat the blocks thanks to the fact that they constantly update their network so even if a server or IP address is blocked, users can find a way to access Netflix libraries outside their location.

NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Buffered, VyprVPN, VPNArea and TorGuard are vpn providers that are keeping up with Netflix. Even if some of their servers stop working, they usually address the issue quickly. It is important to keep in mind that you may experience disconnections as Netflix is constantly blocking servers and IP addresses, but the providers mentioned above are likely to find a workaround to help you enjoy the content that you want.

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