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Google Chrome is the favorite browser for millions of internet users around the world. Its popularity doesn’t come as a surprise since it offers many convenient tools, but it also comes with some downsides. The fact that Chrome is Google’s browsing solution raises some concerns regarding privacy. Google is always watching and many people would prefer not to give the internet giant access to even more information. This is why we have gathered a list of the best alternatives to Chrome. If you are looking for a different option to browse the internet, check the apps that are available at the moment and that are worth considering.

What are the best alternatives to Google Chrome?

One of the main downsides of Chrome (apart from its association with Google) is that it is quite heavy in terms of resources. It is not a secret that Google collects a lot of data and when you use Chrome, your browsing habits are monitored. If you prefer not to hand over your data to Google so easily, or just want to try a different browsing option, check the below browsers that we recommend.


Opera browser is a popular browser with similar features as Chrome so if you enjoy Google’s browser but want to try something else, Opera is a good choice. The unlimited built-in VPN is one of the best parts of this browser as it adds security to your browsing activities and it also lets you access content that is subject to geographical restrictions.

Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Like Chrome, Firefox’s browser is fast and it even gets ahead in some categories. The powerful engine makes Firefox Quantum an efficient, remarkable solution to browse the internet without facing restrictions. Improved loading times and less impact on your computer memory are two great advantages of using Google Chrome. Since memory usage is one of the main issues when using Chrome, Quantum is a great alternative.

Microsoft Edge

If you are looking for great speeds and a seamless browsing experience, give Microsoft Edge a try. This browser supports one of a kind features that are missing in Chrome. Microsoft Edge lets you read eBooks and PDF files by default and you can also save your favorite websites in the Windows 10 taskbar. This is a practical solution in case you want quick access to the websites you visit the most. Microsoft Edge’s user-friendly interface also deserves recognition.


Customization is the strongest point for Vivaldi. This browser has become very popular due to its flexibility. You can customize different features and make the browser works as you prefer. There are highly customizable themes to adapt the browser to your own style. You can also add as many favorite websites as you want and manage the websites’ organization in the way you prefer.

TOR Browser

TOR is the right solution for privacy conscious users as it delivers a high level of protection in this area. If you don’t trust Chrome due to the data collection practices involved, try TOR. This browser takes privacy to the next level as it keeps your online activities safe and it prevents others from tracking you.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Here is another good alternative to Chrome, particularly if your are worried about privacy. Ghostery comes with protection against tracking cookies, scripts, malvertising, cryptocurrency mining and other threats to your privacy. It prevents multiple trackers in one session, which is a feature that you won’t find in Chrome.


Chromium is the open source project in which Chrome is based. While it is similar to Chrome and Opera, this open-source alternative that promises to be faster, more reliable and more secure. Since it is open-source, its code can be independently audited. Another advantage of Chromium is that it doesn’t collect your data, like Google Chrome does.


Slimjet is based in Chromium project so it also shares similarities with Chrome. When you use Slimjet, all the ads and ad-tracking scripts are blocked automatically. The anti-tracking technology that Slimjet uses, will help you to keep your privacy secure. In addition, Slimjet protects you against malware and phishing. It is also worth mentioning that there is a high speed download manager available, which lets you download several files without having an impact on the speed of your internet connection.


Apple users can look no further than Safari, the browser for iOS and macOS that offers outstanding security and speed. Safari also scores highly when it comes to privacy as it automatically blocks ad trackers. This prevents them from following your every step when you are online. Your online browsing habits will remain protected.

Torch Browser

With Torch, you can download any content you want without the need of a third party app. It is the browser that we recommend for people who downloads a lot of videos, music and other media online. Torch browser includes a media grabber so you will see a download video next to videos that are on any website so that you can download media and enjoy it even if you are not connected to the internet.

The risks of using Chrome Browser

The popularity of Google Chrome has increased over the years and it is one of the world’s favorite browsers. Chrome is a practical option for many browsing activities as it is fast and it offers features that make your browsing more productive and simple. Another reason why it has become so widely used is that it is pre-installed on many Android devices. Many people prefer Chrome since it enables them to sync passwords and browsing history across multiple devices.

Another disadvantage is that Google Chrome takes a toll on your device’s memory, so you can experience slow speeds. That is not all, Google is likely tracking you when you use Chrome. This is why you may want to try one of the alternatives that we have listed above. Also remember that in order to keep your privacy protected, you need to use a VPN in all cases.

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