Is Harry Potter On Netflix? Yes, Here is how to watch it

Who would not want to watch Harry Potter over and over again? Yes, good news to Harry Potter fans, Harry Potter movies are now available on Netflix. Unfortunately, they are only available to those who are in Canada or in Poland. This is made possible through geographical restriction technology that Netflix is using. This technology prevents users from other countries and regions from accessing certain content.

This sounds bad news to Harry Potter fans but do not worry, with a simple magic and incantation called Virtual Private Network (VPN) will help you bypass geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix. Through a VPN, you will be able to stream your favorite Harry Potter anywhere you are. How? A VPN is like your digital invisible cloak that would hide your real location and would make you appear as if you are in the country where the content is available at.

Aside from that you could also take advantage of Netflix’s 30-day free trial to re-watch all Harry Potter movies with no cost. Once you have decided to subscribe to Netflix, all you need to do is follow this quick guide and check our VPN recommendations.

How Netflix blocks you from streaming Harry Potter

As mentioned above, Netflix uses a technology called geo-blocking software which prevents viewing content that is not available to the region or country that you are currently in. This means, if you are not in Canada or Poland, you will not be able to watch and access your favorite Harry Potter movies unless you are able to convince Netflix that you are in Canada or Poland.

When you use a VPN, your device will connect to a VPN that will mask your IP location and it will seem like you are accessing the internet from the location of the server that you have connected to. In this case, all you have to do is connect to either Canada and Poland and start watching your favorite Harry Potter movies.

Best VPN for watching Harry Potter from anywhere

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most reliable and highly recommended VPN service providers. They offer fast connection speeds and impressive powerful services. It has the ability to bypass geographical restrictions and could empower you to stream Harry Potter wherever you are. Furthermore, this VPN service provider comes with SmartPlay technology and has about 40 plus available servers in Canada alone.

NordVPN also comes with high quality security features such as military grade encryption function, DNS masking technology and many more. Aside from security features, NordVPN has fast connection speeds which means you do not have to worry about getting interrupted in your streaming due to lags and buffering.

NordVPN offers 30-day money back guarantee and allows up to six devices to be connected simultaneously in single account.

2. CyberGhost

If you are new to using VPN, CyberGhost is highly suggested. It is simple to use, effective, efficient and fast. They have about 390 plus servers in Canada which allows you to have numerous options in getting around Netflix’s geo restrictions. Aside from that, with their reliable servers, you could be assured that you will also not experience any lags or buffering.

CyberGhost allows up to seven devices to be connected simultaneously in one account. They also offer a 45-days money back guarantee.

3. PrivateVPN

Though PrivateVPN is not as huge as other VPNs in the industry, it could go head to head with them. It has about 150 servers all over the world but this includes Canada and Poland which is perfect in case you would like to access your favorite Harry Potter movie/s. There connections are also fast which means you do not have to worry about streaming. Aside from that, PrivateVPN offers unlimited data bandwidth and allows up to six simultaneous connections. They also have a 30-day money back guarantee but ensure you stay under 100GB of data to be able to avail this feature.


Is using a VPN for Netflix legal?

Yes, accessing Netflix with the use of a VPN is legal in most countries. However, take note that there are some countries that implement heavy restrictions on the type of the content that its citizens watch. Furthermore, there are also some countries where you could use government approved VPNs only. Some of these countries are China, Belarus and Russia.

Can I watch Harry Potter on my phone with a VPN?

Yes, however, you will need to choose a VPN that works on mobile devices.

Why do some VPNs work and others do not?

Netflix uses another technology which is anti-VPN. This prevents some VPNs to penetrate their geo-restriction technology. To get around this technology, your VPN must have the power and ability to bypass it.

How long will it take to stream all eight Harry Potter movies?

To be exact, you will need to spare 19 hours and 39 minutes of your time to be able to watch all eight Harry Potter movies. So if you have your weekend free, you are in a Harry Potter treat

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