Best Way to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

PUBG-Mobile on PCPUBG is making its waves in the gaming industry. It, in fact, has been one of the most downloaded games in 2018, not only its mobile version but also its PC or computer version.

PUBG mobile version has been depicted from its original PC game and though there are a lot of differences between the PC version and mobile version, its mobile version is being offered for free. This means, everyone and anyone could access the game without spending a cent. All one has to do is to download its official mobile emulator, Tencent Gaming Buddy, and you are good to go to play and enjoy the game.

What is Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Tencent Gaming Buddy, developed by Tencent is an Android emulator which has been designed and created to aid its gamers to play games such as PUBG mobile, Auto Chess, Mobile Legends and many more. In addition to that, Tencent Gaming Buddy could also be used for Nimo TV, a game streaming platform which was created by one of the largest video game streaming platforms in China.

How to Install Tencent Gaming Buddy?

Different from PC Android emulator, Tencent Gaming Buddy is designed solely to emulate mobile games like PUBG mobile. Not only does it optimize one’s game but it is also very easy to use and easy to install as well. All you have to do is to go to Tencent Gaming Buddy website and download the client. Once you have downloaded it, install the application and it will automatically do its magic for you to be able to play PUBG.

What’s amazing with this emulator is, it does not require you to create an account nor for you to download any VPN for PUBG.

Through Tencent Gaming Buddy, you will also get to download and install other games such as Auto Chess, AFK arena and the like into your games tab for easier access. In addition to that, through the use of this emulator, your games will be kept up to date.

Customization Options

Tencent Gaming Buddy, just like any emulator, has the ability to let its users customize the control overlay for your PUBG Mobile game.

Through this feature, you will be able to set up a boss key which will let you quickly hide your window. It also allows you to customize which action you could use such as tapping or holding and lets you could also assign default keys.

Play PUBG on Low-End PCs

Since PUBG was only released last year, PUBG’s PC version still has a few optimization problems and issues which prevents games to be played on older computers. Fortunately, with Tencent Gaming Buddy, you will not have any related problems as it allows its users to be able to play PUBG on any low-end PC you have since minimum requirements are much lower than the original PUBG.

Does PUBG Mobile have Cross Platform Play?

Similar to Fortnight, PUBG separates emulator players from its mobile players. The reason behind this is to keep its games fair. Hence, if an emulator player plays for and in squads with mobile player, the emulator player will be matched then with other emulator players.

How to Log into PUBG on PC?

To log into PUBG, all you have to do is link your mobile game with your Facebook account. You could also do this on your PC. Once you have connected your social media account, your avatar will change automatically. If you are one of those who are worried about security, do not fret, as you could create a dummy account. However, if you do this, be aware that some social media platforms delete accounts that are inactive for six months.

Differences Between PUBG Mobile and Tencent Gaming Buddy

Though PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile on Tencent Gaming Buddy are more or less the same game, they differ in some ways such as their player base. As mentioned above, PUBG detects players who use emulators and those who does not use emulators. Hence, you will be matched with players with the same caliber as yours. If you are using mouse and keyboard, then the players that you will be matched with are players who are using mouse and keyboard.

Another difference between the two is Tencent Gaming Buddy tends to get hacked more often when compared to PUBG mobile.

Best Way to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

The best way to play PUBG on your PC is through the use of Tencent Gaming Buddy and though there are a lot of other emulators, Tencent Gaming Buddy is created especially for PUBG which allows you to have the best gaming experience compared to other emulators.

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