How to remove Tencent virus

Tencent is a Chinese company established in 1998 that has created a variety of internet services. They offer payment, entertainment and communication solutions, but unfortunately the company has become known to some users for the wrong reasons. Tencent QQPCMgr has caused a lot of issues for many users. This is an adware that appears to be an instant message service, but once it get installed, it spams users with ads. In addition, it is supported by third parties that gather your personal information to show products related to your recent searches. Apart from displaying a high amount of ads, Tencent QQPCMgr has an impact on the performance of your system, which is why it is important to remove it as soon as possible.

Tencent QQPCMgr usually gets into the system without your knowledge and you may only notice it once you start seeing pop-up ads that affect your browsing. This adware has mainly affected users in China, Canada and the United States. Tencent is likely to make its way into your device through another software. You may have installed freeware that included it and didn’t pay attention during the installation process. Once Tencent QQ is installed, it takes almost 66 MB of space and it will immediately start affecting your computer and targeting you with pop-up ads whenever you open you web browser. It can also lead to your system crashing.

Apart from affecting the performance of your computer, Tencent puts your privacy at risk because it tracks your online activities. It collects information about the websites you visit, the content you watch, the online services that you use and more. The data that is gathered helps them to profile you and to find out who you are and it is sold to third parties that can use it for their own benefit. In order to protect yourself from this threat to your privacy, it is important to remove Tencent from your system and to use security solutions such as antivirus software and a VPN. Tencent works as a browser extension it posses a threat to your privacy.

The fact that Tencent gives third parties access to your personal data could lead to serious issues like identity theft, stolen financials and more. Although Tencent QQPCMgr is installed silently on your device, there are different signs that give away the presence of the this adware in your system. It takes a lot of your system’s memory and it slows down your computer. You will also notice that you get pop-up ads on a regular basis and new toolbars or other changes can appear on your browser. You will also see that your search results are redirected and you will also see the presence of Tencent files on your system. In order to uninstall Tencent from your computer, you can follow the below steps.

Some versions of Tencent QQPCMgr hide their uninstall.exe file and others don’t appear in the uninstall program list. If you can’t uninstall Tencent QQPCMgr from Control Panel, here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to drive C:\ and then to Program Files
  2. Click on Tencent\QQPCMgr and locate a folder with a name that has a set of numbers
  3. Open the “uninst.exe” or simply “uninst”. A blue menu in Chinese will appear and you need to click on the lower left button.
  4. Next you will see an orange window with three checkboxes. Mark all of them to fully remove all settings and add-ons of Tencent. Then click on lower left button.
  5. Now a orange-red window with three checkboxes will appear. Check mark all the three checkboxes (to completely remove all settings and add-ons of Tencent) and click on the lower left button again.
  6. When the pop-up appears, click on the left button to continue. The process to uninstall Tencent QQPCMgr will start and once it is completed, you need to restart your computer.

Delete Tencent – Windows 8

Go to Menu, select Search and then click on Apps. Select Control Panel and in “Programs” go to Uninstall a Program. Find Tencent and uninstall it.

Delete Tencent – Windows 10

Click the Start button and select Setting from the menu. Click on System and go to Apps & features. Find Tencent from the list and then select Uninstall.

Remove Tencent from Browsers

If you are installing a program, make sure to keep an eye on the process to make sure that unwanted applications or extensions are installed. If you see any suspicious programs in the bundle list, uncheck them. In order to remove Tencent from your browser, you can follow these steps.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Press Alt + F. This will open Menu and then you need to click on Tools.
  3. Select Extensions and locate the Tencent extension. This will be in Chinese.
  4. Click the Trash icon next to Tencent and remove it. That is all.


  1. Open Firefox and press Shift + Ctrl + A. This will open the list of Add-ons
  2. Locate Tencent virus add-on and then press Disable or Remove

Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Press Alt + T and open tools. Then click on Manage Add-ons
  3. Select Toolbars and Extensions from left pane
  4. Find the Tencent virus and click on Disable
  5. Click More information and then Remove

Protecting yourself from Tencent and similar threats

Prevention is the best way to make sure that you don’t have to deal with dangerous adware again. Your privacy can be compromised by unreliable add-ons but you can take measures to protect yourself. Avoid visiting untrusted websites and sites that display a large amount of add-ons such as gambling sites. They are likely to contain worms, trojans and other threats. It is also important that you don’t download applications from untrusted sources and don’t open attachments from emails from people that you don’t know. last but not least, install an antivirus program to protect your computer and use a VPN to keep your online traffic secure. You can choose one of the below VPns to protect your data and avoid that third parties can track you online or access your personal information.


ExpressVPN is one of the most respected providers in the VPN industry. Apart from offering great speeds, ExpressVPN is a safe solution that keeps your information protected with strong encryption. In addition, they don’t keep logs of your online activities.


NordVPN provides a high level of protection and it supports advanced options like double VPN and Tor over VPN. It has a zero logs policy, which means that none of your online activities or any aspect of your use of the service is tracked.

Private Internet Access

PIA is an affordable service that provides strong security and it doesn’t keep logs of your online traffic. The VPN is easy to use and it includes all the features necessary to keep your information safe.


VPNArea supports advanced security features like anti-DNS leak, anti-WebRTC and anti-IPv6 leaks. These functions will protect you from different threats that could compromise your privacy. VPNArea also applies a high level of encryption to keep you safe.

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