How to watch online TV with Private Internet Access

With a VPN, it is possible to route your online traffic through an encrypted tunnel, which lets you keep your real location, IP and identity hidden, while you browse the web securely, even if you are connected to a public WiFi hotspot. A VPN is a powerful privacy tool that prevents others from seeing what you do on the internet. In addition, since a VPN helps you to disguise your IP address and location, you can bypass geographical restrictions and censorship. In recent years, VPN services have become very popular among home users who want to get around the blocks imposed by their ISP, or protect their data from threats like online surveillance and hacking.

The versatility of VPNs allows users to enjoy great benefits in different areas. Apart from being a solution to defend your privacy, a VPN also allows you to access more and better entertainment options. There are websites and services that are blocked in some countries or that are only available in specific locations. If you love TV and want to be able to watch the best shows around, a VPN is the most effective and simple solution to achieve this. Nowadays, there are many streaming services that offer the chance to watch the latest TV shows. However, popular options like Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Netflix, are subject to geographical restrictions.

For instance, Hulu is only available in the United States (there is also a Japanese version) and the BBC iPlayer can only be accessed from within the United Kingdom. While Netflix covers pretty much the whole world, the content that it offers is different in every country. A subscriber in the United States generally has access to a wider variety of options to watch than customers in other countries. With A VPN, you can bypass the restrictions and enjoy the content that you want, including the latest episodes of your favorite shows, whenever you want.

You can connect to a VPN server in another country to trick the websites into thinking that you are in that location. This will grant you access to the content that is available there. The option to bypass geographical restrictions enables you to enjoy online freedom and discover content that you wouldn’t find otherwise. There are many VPN services available that can help you to defeat blocks and stream content from many websites. However, we will focus on Private Internet Access as this provider is a leading solution that offers affordability, ease of use and excellent quality. PIA offers all the necessary features to protect your data and to defeat restrictions. In this guide, you will find out how access great content from around the world using PIA. The yearly plan costs only $39.95, which means that you just pay $3.33 per month.


Netflix launched its subscription service in 1999, but it was originally focused on offering online movie rentals. People could save time and money by renting the movie they wanted over internet, instead of having to go all the way to their local video rental store. When Netflix started, people used to get DVDs by post, but things have evolved quite a lot since then. As internet connections became faster and more efficient, the demand for streaming increased. Watching content online became possible and thanks to this, Netflix became what it is today.

Currently, this popular streaming solution has millions of subscribers around the world as the company has expanded its operations in the last few years. However, the differences in the programming available in each country is what prompt people to use a VPN. Netflix subscribers in the US have access to a more extensive library of content thank those in the UK, just to give an example. At the same time, there are options in Netflix UK that are not available in the US version of the service.

Netflix is also known for creating great original content including movies and critically acclaimed TV shows. Some of the most popular series that are only available on Netflix include Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, House of Cards and Jessica Jones. Netflix has also produced documentaries and top quality movies that are exclusively available on this platform. If you are a Netflix subscriber outside the United State, you can use a VPN to defeat the geo-restrictions and access a wider selection of movies and TV shows.


Hulu was founded over a decade ago and its main goal is to offer viewers the chance to watch a wide variety of TV shows and movies legally. The content is supported by advertisements and some premium options require a monthly fee. Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services options available and it is visited by millions of users every year. It even produces some of its content, most notably, award-winning TV shows like The Handmaid’s Tale.

The problem is that Hulu is only available in the United States and associated territories. There is also a Hulu version for Japan, but that is it. People from other countries will come across an error message letting them know that the service is not available to them. While Hulu has attempted to expand its coverage, so far there are no advances due to licensing issues. Hulu offers an impressive catalog, which is why many TV fans would love to be able to stream content from this service.

Thanks to its exclusive deals with major production companies, Hulu offers many great options in all categories, particularly in Comedy. You can watch popular TV shows from well-known US channels like CBS and NBC. In addition, Hulu offers teh chance to watch live TV and it supports premium add-ons that give you access to Premium channels like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. Since Private Internet Access has servers in the US, you can easily connect to one of them and spoof your location. This will allow you to unblock Hulu and discover all the content available.

BBC iPlayer

The BBC is approaching 100 years and it is still a leading name in broadcasting. It is not only recognized in the United Kingdom. People around the world are familiar with the BBC and its wide range of content designed to educate, inform and entertain audiences. For decades, the BBC has produced high quality content and it has evolved over time to adapt to the new demands of viewers, without losing its commitment to educate and inform. Since the popularity of the BBC goes beyond the UK, it is not a surprise that many people are looking for ways to access the BBC iPlayer, the streaming service of the British producer.

The BBC iPlayer offers documentaries, TV shows, specials and more, but it is only available for viewers in the United Kingdom. This is due to licensing issues that prevent some of the content to be offered outside the UK. This is disappointing for international viewers who wish to watch popular TV series produced by the BBC such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and Peaky Blinders. The BBC iPlayer also offers news, documentaries, music specials and exclusive content for kids. Cebeebies and CBBC are the sections dedicated to toddlers and older children and it offers a great range of options to keep youngsters entertained, while they learn. If you live outside the UK, you can connect to a PIA server located in that country to unblock the BBC iPlayer.

Channel 4: All4

Channel 4 is an innovative UK channel that came to life in the 1980’s and it is known for creating thought-provoking documentaries, great comedies and controversial TV shows. Channel 4 earned a place in the history of television (reality TV in particular) as it was one of the first stations to present Big Brother. To allow viewers to watch their productions on the go, on their mobile devices or laptop, Channel 4 offers a streaming solution known as All4. This is the on-demand channel where you can stream TV shows like the IT Crowd, Father Ted and Skins, The Inbetweeners and Skins, a controversial show focused on the lives of teenagers, which became a cult hit. Channel 4 also offers stellar mini-series and unique documentaries that tackle highly sensitive subjects.

There is a fairly decent amount of sports content available as well, specially options like poker, cycling and racing. The content is supported by ads and while there is a YouTube channel where you can watch some of their exclusive content, the on-demand channel can only be enjoyed by viewers in the United Kingdom. Private Internet Access offers servers in the UK that will allow you to defeat the restrictions to watch your favorite TV shows and documentaries produced by Channel 4.

CBS Online

CBS is a household name in the United States and it has produced some of the most popular shows and TV specials in the history of the television in that country. The CBS has exclusive rights for many events and it also offers well-known TV series like CSI, The Big Bang Theory, Two and Half Men and the Star Trek franchise. The streaming app allows viewers to enjoy content from the CBS online. This is another option that you can unblock by connecting to a VPN server in the United States.

ABC’s iView

For almost a century, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has been informing and entertaining audiences. This public Australian broadcaster initially focused on radio, but later made the jump to produce content for television. Like the BBC, the ABC has evolved to offer Australian audiences a modern solution to enjoy content on their computer and mobile devices. ABC iView is a popular streaming platform that allows the broadcaster to keep up with the new technology, offering viewers the chance to watch news, documentaries, TV series, children shows and more.

Although ABC’s shows are not as popular as the ones offered by British and American services, there are many good options that are worth checking, including The Chaser. This is a comedy group that has created a variety of progrannes known for pushing the boundaries of what can be said on television. ABC also offers educational content and many British productions including documentaries that focus on Science and History. ABC’s iView also caters for Sports fans and it offers great coverage of local and international events. Since iView is only available in Australia, you will need to connect to one of PIA’s Aussie servers to bypass the restrictions.


There is a lot of great content to enjoy around the world. We have only covered options in English, but there is a lot more available and with a VPN like Private Internet Access, you can defeat the restrictions and enjoy true online freedom. PIA is your ticket to go around the world discovering hilarious comedies, interesting documentaries, captivating dramas and more. Currently, PIA has servers in 25 countries including United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, France and India.

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