Is it illegal to jailbreak your Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon Fire Stick is a highly popular streaming device and while it offers great functionality, there is much more to do with it than what the default options allow. This is why many people consider jailbreaking the Fire Stick so that they can get the most out of it. A jailbroken Fire Stick comes with a media player software and after the jailbreak, it is possible to install third-party solutions such as Modbro and Kodi. These apps can be sideloaded to the streaming stick. However, many people question the legality of this practice. To help you clarify the situation with jailbreaking your Amazon Fire Stick, we will discuss the subject in more detail here.

What does it mean to jailbreak a Fire Stick?

When you jailbreak an Amazon Fire Stick, a third’party media server such as Kodi is installed. You may have heard about Kodi already as this is a very popular software that can help you to manage local content and to stream content from a variety of sources. It is possible to find detailed guides online to jailbreak the device. Overall, the process allows you to bring the functionality of Fire Stick to another level.

What about the legality of jailbreaking?

In simple words, jailbreaking your Fire Stick is not illegal. As we mentioned before, the main feature of a jailbroken Fire Stick is that it enables the installation of third-party media software like Kodi. While the jailbreaking process itself is not illegal, what you do once the device is jailbroken could be. For instance, if you start accessing content subject to copyright without the required authorization. Remember that online piracy is a crime and you could end up receiving legal warning and even facing hefty fines. To summarize, jailbreaking is not illegal, but if you use a jailbroken device to access pirated content, you could face legal issues.

Using a VPN on a Fire Stick

As we have established, jailbreaking your device is not illegal. Even the software that you install (Kodi) is perfectly legal. However, there are Kodi addons that allow you to stream pirated material. While it is not advisable to watch premium content from unauthorized sources, if you decide to do this, it is important that you take the necessary steps to avoid issues. Using a VPN can help you to keep your activities private. With a VPN, you can bypass restrictions and enjoy more content than you ever imagined. Jailbreaking your Fire Stick opens the door to more entertainment possibilities and to take advantage of all of them, using a VPN is a must. A VPN will secure your data and will allow you to get around restrictions so that you can watch the movies and TV shows that you want. At the same time, your real IP address and location are hidden, making you untraceable.

Best VPN for FireStick

Using a VPN provides many advantages, including high security and the chance to bypass restrictions. This will allow you to get access to apps and websites that are usually not available in your country. By connecting to a VPN server, you can mask your IP address and appear as if you were in the location of that server. This will give you the chance to get around the blocks and access content that is available in that region. Apart from the privacy protection that a VPN offers, you get security for your data and the power to unblock content. You can also bypass ISP throttling, which disrupts your online video streaming experience. VPNs are compatible with all major platforms and the best services offer dedicated apps for iOS, Android, macOs and Windows. There are many services in the market, but we recommend Expressvpn, IPVanish and Private Internet Access. These providers will keep your information protected and also offer fast servers that allow you to stream content without latency.


Jailbreaking your Fire Stick is not illegal and Kodi is legitimate software that allows you to manage media content conveniently. However, if you use it to stream copyrighted content from unauthorized sources, you may get into trouble. It is advisable to avoid accessing pirated content, but if you want to watch content for free, at least make sure that your information is secured. This is something that you can achieve with the help of a VPN. There are many options to choose from, but to get the best possible experience, we recommend ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access, NordVPN and IPVanish. These providers will keep your internet traffic private and will allow you to defeat restrictions effectively.

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