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There are two prominent browsers that Android phone users . . . . use. You are most likely using the built-in web browser or a very popular choice,  Chrome. However, there is a new alternative browser that is quickly gaining a lot of popularity and recognition. Javelin is the first browser that was created around the concept of complete mobile use and application. Nothing about the design of the Javelin browser is built around desktop or laptop use. This means that you get access to all the features mobile users need most.

What Mobile Features Matter?

The features presented with the Javelin Browser are just cutting edge and everything you would want from one-handed gestures built-in to VPN. Many of these features are not accessible through android browser or Chrome use.  A very effective ad-blocker is also natively included and it single-handedly the most popular feature for every day users that are not technically inclined or informed on browser extensions. There’s also a special viewing mode that helps with challenges browsers face on mobile devices. This browser is easy to use and the detail given for mobile use really shines.

Premise Behind Javelin

Steven Goh is the creator of Javelin and says the idea spawned from designing extensions for desktop browsers. This led Goh with idea to develop a mobile browser based on an old grandfathered but extremely fast browser called Lightning Browser. This old browser had great features that we’re kept in the Javelin model, but with a bunch of added mobile features to make it the best choice for mobile devices.

What Is Javelin Like?

Using this browser, the first thing we noticed was the fluidity and speed, it seems as if it needs little resources or it is just really efficient and performs very well. It is really a lot similar to Chrome in function and created to work like a normal browser, but give you access to features that are needed for mobile use. The interface is responsive and the added features are what put it over the top. A reading feature allows you to extract the text from a webpage and have it presented in an easy to read simple and clear display with customization options for text size and such. Swiping hand gestures allows the user to switch between tabs, taking advantage of mobile technology. The built-in ad-blocker also helps increase webpage loading speeds while attempting to leave non-intrusive ads untouched. You even have the ability to use “incognito” mode, which allows you to search with no login required. It is important to note that the VPN service is offered through “Spirit Mode” and is not free. You have to pay $2 a month, but you can get access to a free one month trial period.

javelin_browser_1          javelin_browser_2

Not Without Flaws

Like every other browser in existence, there are some flaws when it comes to Javelin. You do not have the ability to expand the address bar, which does not allow you to get a full view of URLs. Another setback is the lack of suggested searches with a drop-down to speed up the process of entering the search terms. It lacks a help section if you run into any technical questions. Unlike Chrome, it will not sync up with all your devices. The text extraction reading tool was buggy on some of our tries, not capturing all of the text needed. These flaws make a difference, but in all Javelin is a great mobile browser with huge potential to be so much better. The design and interface is sharp and we do suggest it to mobile users, especially if you are looking to try a new browser.

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