NordVPN Lifetime Plan: Can You Still Get It and How?

Unlimited deals tend to catch everyone’s attention no matter what it is. May it be mobile, internet or even VPN services, it would definitely gravitate new customers. This is not surprising as it seems to be a very excellent deal. However, though this is the case, some would be curious about the truth and terms of lifetime plans.

VPN Lifetime Plans

Online services found on the internet tend to offer their new subscribers some discounted plans. This includes long term subscriptions like lifetime plans. Though they are very appealing, you would notice that these discounted prices tend to be offered by third-party resellers and not the original providers. We understand how this could catch your attention and if you decide to take advantage of these deals, we highly recommend for you to be careful and ensure that you have done some research. You could check customer reviews and ensure that you could find some information about the reseller.

Back in the days, VPN service providers have offered lifetime subscriptions. However, unfortunately, all reputable and reliable VPN service providers have stopped offering this type of deal.

Where is NordVPN’s Lifetime Subscription

NordVPN Lifetime Plan
NordVPN Lifetime Plan

NordVPN has offered lifetime subscription, however, as mentioned earlier, this type of plan is no longer offered and available. Though this is the case, NordVPN has created several great deals that are highly appealing. One of it is their three years subscription plan.

There are several reasons as to why offering lifetime subscription plan is not sustainable and why reputable and reliable VPN service providers no longer offer this type of subscription plans. Here are some of the reasons.

Cost of Running a VPN

Providing a VPN service is a great business to have. However, ensuring your subscribers effective and reliable VPN services could be very expensive since you would need to ensure that you have the require bandwidth. You would also need to maintain each and every server that you have. Moreover, you would need to regularly develop your software and ensure that you are providing a good customer service. All of these could cost you a lot which is why offering a lifetime plan would not be sustainable and could cause the business to fold.

Too Many Users

Another problem with offering a lifetime plan is that it would attract a lot of subscribers which would mean a lot of users will be using the VPN service provider’s servers which could lead to it being overcrowded which could lead to a lesser efficient service.

Risk of Lifetime Plans

There are a lot of risks in offering lifetime VPN plans. One example of risk is that customers would pay a substantial amount one time only which means the service provider will have to cover the cost long term in terms of maintenance, innovation, upgrades and developments. In short, you would not get much advantages in terms of better features including security functions, speed and customer support.

Save Money Without the Lifetime Plan

Though Lifetime plans are no longer offered and available, NordVPN offers amazing, impressive and excellent annual plans. These annual plans offered by NordVPN could actually save you money. Moreover, there are also coupon codes which VPN service providers offer to their customers.


VPNs often offer appealing plans. However, before you get lured to these plans, we highly recommend that you research about it to avoid being in a situation where you would spend more money.

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