How to Safely Use Houseparty Video Chat

The video chat platform, Houseparty is one of the most famous chatting apps that allows its users to do group video chatting through mobile and desktop. This platform is well-known and is designed for teens who are ready to use social media but are not old enough to indulge in serious social media activities.

Houseparty was created by Life on Air,Inc. and though the company’s main goal is to promote this platform to teens and allow its users to video chat through an invite only feature, there are still some family privacy concerns that some users have expressed.

Houseparty Privacy Concerns

Houseparty has about 20 million users and subscribers with age ranging from 16 to 24 years of age. Though the minimum age requirement for one to be able to join and use this app is 13 years old, it does not guarantee nor prevent younger children from faking their real age to be able to subscribe to the app. In addition to that, any stranger could join and enter a room where you are in which could be highly dangerous for children and under aged teens. With that said, and with the knowledge of potential dangers that the app poses for your kids, do not fret as there are some ways to make this app safer for your kids and they are through the following features:

  1. “Lock” Room – houseparty allows you to lock the room you are in which means only directly invited members could only chat with you or your kids.
  2. Near Me – this feature allows those who are close to the users be invited or added. It is highly recommended to turn off this option.
  3. Opt out of personal data usage – Though the company who launched this app would like to collect data, you could limit it through this feature.
  4. Do not join open rooms – it is highly recommended not to allow your children to join open rooms as this will put the user at risk for stranger danger.
  5. Download the app – ask your child or teen to add you. This way you will know the ins and outs of the app. Ensure that your teen does not turn off or block in the house notification.

Houseparty, just like other social media, collects all types of information. When signing up, this app will require you to provide your email address, date of birth and even your mobile number for them to verify that you are a real person. Aside from that, if you will add some friends, it will again require you to give permission for them to access your contact list and even your Facebook friend list. Hence, keep in mind the possibility of you giving out the information of your friends as well to the developers of this app. In addition to that, since this app is offered for free, it also has the possibility that it could sell your information to other 3rd parties. It could also collect IP address, mac addresses, mobile carrier information, cookies, geo-location and much more. With that said, we hope that we were able to help you secure your private information and at the same time for you to still get to enjoy Houseparty app through the guide that we have provided in this article.

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