Best Kodi Repositories

If you are using Kodi, you have probably heard about repositories, but if you still don’t know what they are, don’t worry, before we go through the list of the best ones, we will give you more information about them. Let’s start by saying that repositories are where you can find a vast selection of Kodi add-ons. Whenever the developers launch an update, the repositories provide the latest versions of the add-ons that they store. Some people confuse Kodi repositories with builds, but they are not the same. Like Kodi Repositories, builds are a collection of add-ons. However, when you install a build, every single add-on it contains, is installed in your system. A repository is different because it lets you select from the list and provides more flexibility to choose the add-ons you want.

Here you will find a list of the best Kodi repositories available at the moment. These repositories contain a variety of add-ons that allow you to access a great deal of entertainment. The list of options that we provide will give you the chance to enjoy the best Kodi add-ons out there. Before we start, it is very important to mention that using third-party Kodi add-ons carries some risks. Your ISP and other parties may monitor what you do online, so if you want to keep your privacy protected, it is important to use a VPN service. With a VPN, you can stream content without putting your private data at risk. Plus, a VPN lets you get around restrictions so that you can access even more options from anywhere in the world.

Lazy Kodi Repo

At the moment, this is the largest Kodi repo and it hosts pretty much all repositories, as well as Wizards, making it a very convenient solution for Kodi users. Since it only hosts the repositories, without actually owning them, it is less likely to be shut down. Just follow these steps to install it:

  1. Launch Kodi, go to Settings and then select File Manager
  2. Tap twice on Add Source and then click on None
  3. Enter this URL: http://lazykodi.com/ and then press OK
  4. You can name the Repository “Lazy Kodi Repo” and then press OK. Go back to the main menu.
  5. Click on Add-ons menu and then tap on the Box icon that appears at the top
  6. Choose install from Zip File and then click on Lazy Kodi Repo
  7. Select any repository or wizard that you wish to install
  8. Select Install from Repository


This is one of the most popular repositories available and it comes with a lot of builds installed. Once you install these builds, you will automatically get add-ons that allow you to start watching a great variety of content. It even contains Kodi Leia. Below you will find the steps that you need to follow to install UKodi1 Repo.

  1. Open Kodi, then go to Settings, tap on File Manager
  2. Tap twice on Add Source and then click None
  3. Paste this URL: http://ukodi1.com/Repo/ and then press OK
  4. Use UKodi1 as the name of the repository and press OK
  5. Go back to Kodi Main Menu and click on Add-ons menu. Then click the Box icon
  6. Select Install from Zip File and click UKodi1
  7. Select repository.ukodi1-0.0.5.zip and allow some time for the repository to be installed.

Blamo Repo

Blamo is also hugely popular and with good reason. It hosts top add-ons that give you access to TV shows, movies, sports events and much more. It is a reliable option to enjoy great entertainment. To install Blamo, just follow the below steps:

  1. Open Kodi, click on Settings and select File Manager
  2. Click twice on Add Source and then click on None
  3. Enter this URL: http://repo.mrblamo.xyz/ and select OK
  4. Name the repository as Blamo Repo and press OK, then go to the Main menu
  5. Choose Add-ons menu and go to Box icon, then select Install from Zip File
  6. Once the box opens, click on Blamo Repo and select repository.blamo-0.1.6
  7. Allow some time for the repository to be installed, then click on Install from Repository
  8. Select Blamo Repo from the list

Super Repo

In Super Repo, you will find pretty much every Kodi-add on that is available. It comes with more sub-repositories in its database, which is why it is one of the most comprehensive options that you can get. One thing to keep in mind is that while it comes with thousands of add-ons, it is not updated as much as other options. This means that some add-ons don’t work. There are many categories available, as well as skins and subtitles. In order to install Super Repo, you just need to do the below:

  1. Open Kodi, then select Settings, click on File Manager and then click twice on Add Source.
  2. Enter this URL: http://srp.nu and in None, click OK. Then type the name Super Repo, click OK, then go to Kodi Home and choose Add-ons menu. After that, select Package Installed icon.
  3. Select Install from Zip file, then Super Repo and select Krypton. After that, select Repositories, followed by Super Repo and then click on superrepo.kodi.krypton.repositories-0.7.04.zip
  4. Choose Install from repository option and then click on Super Repo, followed by Add-on Repository and select SuperRepo All. Then click Install.
  5. Go back two steps and click on Install from Repository once again. You will find another repository added called SuperRepo. Now you can start installing add-ons.

Some of the add-ons that you will find in Super Repo are Arabmovies, Baby TV, Coke Studio, Deliverance and Maverick TV.

Kodil Israel Repository

While Kodil doesn’t offer as many add-ons as other repos, it is regularly updated. There are many new add-ons available and you can even find the latest video and program add-ons that will make your Kodi experience even better. Follow the below steps to install Kodil Repo.

  1. Open Kodi, then click on Settings and choose File Manager. Scroll down and click twice on Add Source.
  2. Select None and then enter this URL: http://kdil.co/repo/ click OK and check the option below where you need to enter the repository name, in this case, KOdil. Click OK to close the box.
  3. Press the Backspace key in Kodi home and then go to add-ons. Select the Package Installer icon and then install from zip file.
  4. Once the box open, scroll down and click Kodil. After that, select Kodi.zip. After the installation is completed, select Install from Repository.
  5. Locate Kodil Repository from the list and check many categories like Video Add-ons, Music Add-ons and Program Add-ons.

Kodil contains popular add-ons such as Exodus, Bennu Covenant and StreamHub.

Simply Caz Repo

Simply Caz became the favorite alternative for many users, once the popular Fusion Repository was shut down. Currently, Simple Caz is still offering a great list of add-ons. In order to install it you can follow a few simple steps:

  1. Launch Kodi, then click the Settings icon, click on File Managewr and click twice on Add Source.
  2. Once a box opens, click None and enter this URL: http://cazwall.com/repo/ then click OK and enter SC as the name. Then click OK, and to close the box, click OK once more.
  3. Press the Backspace key on the keyboard to return to Kodi Home, then click Add-ons and Box icon on top.
  4. Select Install from Zip File and then scroll down. Click on SC, then select Repository, and after that, select repository.simplycaz-1.0.2.zip. Allow some time for the installation to be completed.
  5. Go to Install from Repository, then choose Simply Caz Repo and find multiple add-ons listed in a variety of categories.

Some of the add-ons available are Elysium, Bob Unleashed, Pro Sport, UK Turk, Bubbles, cCloud TV and AdryanList.

Jesusbox Repository

Although Jesusbox only features two sections, it offers some of the best Kodi add-ons that you can get. You can install Jesusbox repository following the below easy steps:

  1. Launch Kodi and then select Setting on the top menu. Select File Manager option, then click twice in Add Source. Scroll down on the left-side menu
  2. Once you click on Add Source, you will see a box that opens. You can now click None and enter this URL: http://jesusboxrepo.xyz/repo/ after that, click OK and then use the name Jesusbox. Click OK to close the box.
  3. Go to Kodi Home and click on Add-ons, then choose the icon that looks like a box that is on the top menu.
  4. Next, you will see a list of options where you have to click on Install from Zip File. Select Jesusbox, then repository.jesusboxtv-1.0.3
  5. Click on Install from Repository, then select Jesusbox Repository from the list and choose from its multiple categories.

Someof the Add-ons that are available from this repo are Jesusbox IPTV, Genesis Reborn and FlixNet.

Dandy Media Repository

This repository has been around for quite a while, but the issue with it is that some of the add-ons that it offers are not working or don’t load any stream. With that being said, Dandy Media offers a great selection of Kodi add-ons that let you stream movies and TV shows. You can install Dandy Media following the below steps:

  1. Go to Kodi Home, then click Settings and go to File Manager. After that go to the bottom on the left side of the screen and click twice on Add Source.
  2. Once the box appears, select None and then enter this URL: http://dandymedia.club/repo/ then click OK. After that, click OK and enter the repository name “Dandy Media” and select OK again so that you can close the box.
  3. Return to Kodi HOme and then click on Add-ons menu. Go to the top and click on the box-shaped icon.
  4. Then go to Install fro Zip File and from the box that is displayed, click on Dandy Media, then Repository.dandymedia.zip
  5. Go to Install from Repository, after that find Dandy Media Repository from the list. After clicking on it, multiple categories will be shown.

Some of the add-ons that you can find here are VidMax, Openload Movies, Physicality, SafeHouse Movies, Top40 Charts and 1080p Movies.

Noobs and Nerds

Noobs and Nerds stands out thanks the fact that new features are regularly being implemented. It has an active community and it also offers many great add-ons. While it has been previously affected by legal issues that forced it to shut down, it is now back in operation. You can install it, following the below steps:

  1. Open Kodi, go to Settings, then File Manager. Two similar screens will be shown. Click twice on Add Source from the left-side of the screen.
  2. Enter Noobs and Nerds URL: http://noobsandnerds.com/portal/ in the part that says None. At the bottom, you will be asked to enter a repository name, enter NAN and then click OK.
  3. To continue, go back to Kodi Main Menu and then click on Add-ons. Select the Package Installer icon above. It is shaped like a box.
  4. Click on Install from Zip File, then go to NAN and click on Noobs and Nerds Repo (2.3.0).zip. Allow some time for the installation to be completed.
  5. Go to Install from Repository option, then Scroll down to locate Noobs and Nerds Repo.

Some of the options available are UKTV Play, Disney Junior, Bobbys Cartoons and Film Cube.


This is also a great option for Kodi users. It provides many repo libraries and it allows you to enjoy a great deal of entertainment. Here is how you can install Dimitrology Repository.

  1. Open Kodi on your system and click on Settings, then select File Manager. Click twice on Add Source and after that, scroll down on left-side menu.
  2. After clicking Add Source, you will see a box. There you can click None, then enter this URL: http://dimitrology.com/repo click OK and then enter the name Dimitrology. Click OK and the box will be closed.
  3. Go to Kodi, then click on Add-ons and enable the Unknown Sources and once the warning box appears, click Yes.
  4. Go to Kodi, then click on Install from Zip File and select Dimitrology. There are multiple repositories here.
    You will find multiple repositories within Dimitrology and once you install it, you will be able to access all the Kodi repos there. Some of the add-ons included are Neptune Rising and Maverick TV.

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