How To Protect Yourself Online From ‘Heartbleed’

heartbleed_protectionThe “heartbleed” bug is the latest security breach that is impacting countless online users. This bug makes you vulnerable to data loss and can result in having your passwords stolen. The “heartbleed” bug is wreaking havoc all over the World Wide Web and you need to know how to protect yourself.

Heartbleed: A Serious Issue

The “heartbleed” bug is really unlike any other security issue of the past. It has the ability to infiltrate the server’s memory and get access to all the sensitive data that exists. This includes everything from personal information, passwords, credit card numbers and usernames. Everyone all across the web could be affected by this bug. To check if a website is or was affected, a tool has been published online by cryptography consultant Filippo Valsorda to verify just that. Many websites have also been posting updates and information to help you get informed on the situation and how to deal with it on an individual basis.

What Can You Do about Heartbleed?

The main precautionary measure that you can take is staying away from sites effected by this bug. Do not log into your accounts from sites that have been effected until you have been given clearance from the company of the site. Yahoo and OKCupid have been the most effected sites so far, but many other sites are dealing with similar issues stemming from the “heartbleed” bug. Many of the sites have said that they are partly fixed, but do not login until a total fix has been achieved. Try to hold off on changing your password until you have been given affirmation that a complete fix has occurred. Stay clear for now, which will help to keep you protected.

After Bug Wipe Confirmation

Once you have finally learned that a website is complete secure, you can log into your account and change your password. It is always suggested that you even contact smaller sites directly to question the security of your data. Yahoo is a large site that will keep you in the loop, but smaller sites take some coaxing to reveal information.

Keep an Eye on Your Finances

Due to the vulnerability of your data, now is the right time to keep a close eye on your finances. You should start keeping tabs on all of your accounts and be on the lookout for any purchases or debits that are suspicious. Attackers can infiltrate the server’s memory and get your credit card information, so be sure to check all of your statements carefully for the next few months at least.

There is no way to stay entirely safe online, but these preventative measures should keep you adequately protected. Just be careful and on the lookout for any information on the “heartbleed” bug. If you believe your information to be at risk already due to logging into one of the affected websites after the bug was made public, it is important to inform your financial institutions to put a stop on your credit cards. We hope not many of you will be affected and advise to be highly vigilant for the upcoming months.

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