Samsung GAIA to enhance security of Smart TVs with triple layer protection

A new year (2016) is upon us, but no matter the newness of the year, the old hackers are still up to their tricks. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (and even smartwatches) have become the concern of consumers and analysts, but smart TVs are starting to be seen in the same light – as smart devices that are, ultimately, up to the whims of hackers if not protected. Smart TV maker Samsung is leading the way with its introduction of a new smart TV security solution it calls GAIA.

GAIA works similarly to how Samsung’s own KNOX software works for smartphones. Samsung says that it has added three protection layers to GAIA, making its smart TVs safer and more protected than they’ve ever been:

  1. Secure Zone, the first barrier, protects the core processes of smart TVs, and works, along with the keypad for customer card information and data input, to ensure that your data is protected and safe at all times during the purchase process.
  2. GAIA encrypts your customer data and provides anti-malware protection that prevents hackers from sending ads (for example) to steal your data when clicked on. Samsung says that the anti-malware system will block programs that could be used to steal your data as well.
  3. Samsung has split its security into two portions, one for the main space and one for security. The goal of splitting security this way is to ensure that you’re getting as much protection and shielding as possible from hack attacks.

In addition to all of this data protection, Samsung is making its 2016 Smart TVs the hub for all of its Internet of Things (IoT) home automation system. This means that your Smart TV will now be able to turn your lights off, cut on your air conditioner in the summertime, and adjust your home thermostat to blow more air when the temperature rises. Seeing that Samsung’s Smart TVs look to be the center of the Korean giant’s IoT program, it only makes sense to provide a triple layer of protection.

But don’t wait for Samsung to protect you, take your security in your own hands and get a great VPN for your home use.

Renee Biana

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