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TorrentTV[1]TorrenTV is a streaming app that enables people to stream torrents (movie files) directly to Apple TV as easy as 1-2-3.  Similar to the previously released Popcorn Time software for computer devices, TorrenTV was designed for AppleTV but now available for Chromecast, Roku and even Linux. Beta versions have recently been deployed for for Windows and Mac as well, quickly expanding onto all platforms.

Just like Popcorn Time, TorrenTV is also open-sourced, encouraging a community of coders and users alike to form a safe haven for the app to be safely distributed and shared. Downloading and using it on AppleTV could not be easier. To install, simply drag the app into your Applications folder and you can launch it next.

Operating the app is just as easy, all you’ve got to do is drag the torrent and drop it on its interface and it will immediately stream play your movie file or you can even re-play downloaded torrent files or other local and accessible video files on your Home Sharing network. One thing to note, is that we we’re not able to stream high definition .mkv type files, but other than that, the software ran smoothly on a fast broadband connection.

Ultimately, it functions almost identically to AirPlay for Macintosh, but designed for torrent files. Playing local files on TorrenTV will actually play the video through AirPlay in the background. When compared to Popcorn Time, it does not bear the same resemblance or carry much graphical weight. Instead, it opts for a very stripped down bare-bone light application, but with time, developer may release more advanced interfaces along the way.

There is no charge to using TorrenTV of course, but streaming torrents is no different than downloading them and the software is merely serving the purpose of playing the video through a functional interface as the torrent downloads in a specific order of data. This all brings to question if the MPAA or others will try to take action and stop these applications from being used. If you think like I do, you know very well that there is no stopping it.

However, if you have any concerns about downloading torrents, but would still like to use TorrenTV or similar apps to freely stream and download movies, a VPN connection is a safe and effective way of encrypting all data downloaded or shared through your connection. That way, your internet service provider cannot see any download torrents or any copyright material, keeping your family safe from any eavesdropping on your online activity. To download TorrenTV, ensure to visit the official site and avoid any possible fake clones.

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