How to Unblock Hulu to Watch Your Favorite Shows

Hulu is easily one of the most popular sites for streaming video content, movies, and TV shows. There is just one problem. Network admins love to block this site. Maybe your network admin just hates fun, wants to restrict streaming video content to conserve bandwidth, or is being pressured from others in the organization to block this site to promote productivity. Whatever the reason, it can be a real pain when you want to watch your favorite shows. Though Hulu frequently adds new IP addresses for their network of servers, network admins are constantly on the hunt for more addresses to block. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can gain access to your favorite dramas and action movies.

Using a VPN to Unblock Hulu

Hulu-ImageUsing a VPN to unblock Hulu (or for that matter, any site) is likely your best option. VPN services are extremely affordable, but they don’t only give you the added benefit of being able to unblock any site no matter where you are geographically. Because VPN services act (in part) as a proxy service, you can unblock any domain that hasn’t blocked your VPN service provider’s IP addresses.

And the best part? VPN service providers are constantly adding new IP addresses to their service, so it is nigh on impossible for a website to block a VPN service provider forever. IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) has set forth specifications to distribute IP addresses based on geographic regions. And VPN service providers almost always have servers in many different countries with globally unique IP addresses. The bottom line is that it is extremely challenging for a website to block connections from an entire VPN service provider.

They also provide you with extremely strong encryption as well as anonymity. Many people think that the only benefit of a VPN is that it scrambles the data you are sending so no one can read it should that data be intercepted. However, know that a VPN will also mask your IP address so your connections to a server can’t be tracked (as long as your VPN provider doesn’t log traffic). If you want to unblock Hulu but the network you are connecting to doesn’t permit access to this data, a VPN service will not only ensure that your browsing habits are completely unseen, but they won’t be able to trace server connections back to your computer.

Some people don’t want to pay the extremely low cost for a VPN service (which costs less than the price of a decent dinner at a restaurant per month) and instead turn to browser extensions that are free of charge. The problem with a lot of these third-party free tools is that they are often fraught with embedded vulnerabilities and are frequently the victim of attacks. For example, some browser extensions such as Hola were actually written with code that contained a backdoor. VPNs, on the other hand, use code that is well-known, trusted, and secure such as OpenVPN. The standards work, they are known to be secure, and you don’t have to bat an eye to any security concern regarding these encryption technologies.

That is not to say that all browser extensions and free software are fallible, though. There are many free tools that help anonymize your browsing activities that are run by legitimate companies. But do you want to risk it? Even though some of these tools legitimately and successfully anonymize your web browsing, they don’t offer encryption like a VPN – meaning that a network admin or ISP could still see what data is flowing across their network, and they may choose to block it. If you want to unblock Hulu or any other site, a VPN is the most attractive option.

If you’re looking for one, you can check out our quick review of some of the best logless VPNs, that is, one that don’t log your activity.

Just Use another Video Site

Hulu is not the only source of television video content on the Internet. If Hulu is blocked at your current location, other sites may still be unblocked. For example, you could look for the same content on CWTV, NBC, CBS, or other popular television network websites.

Use Smart DNS

UnoDNS and TorGuard run DNS spoofing services and haven’t been blocked by Hulu. The only real drawback to these options is that DNS spoofing services aren’t free. And let’s be honest, if you are already paying for a VPN service you may not see much value in a smart DNS solution just for the sake of unblocking Hulu.

If you’re on the fence between smart DNS and a VPN, you will likely find more value in a VPN. Not only can a VPN spoof your physical location and allow you access to blocked websites, but it will offer you stronger security, too. If you are going to pay for a service, you might as well get the added benefit of encryption so Internet hackers, spies, and governmental agencies can’t see your data.

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