How to Unblock Town of Salem with a VPN

A popular strategical online game, Town of Salem comes with a theme of role playing which is based on killings, death notes, wills, lying, telling truths, gallows and many more.

In this strategical game, you will be able to meet and play with other players around the world. The only downside of Town of Salem is that it is geo-restricted. Though that is the case, there is still a way for players all around the world to be able to bypass and unblock restrictions on Town of Salem and that is through a VPN.

Through a VPN, you will be able to minimize risks of DDos, lags, slow connection and buffering. In addition to that, through a VPN, you will be able to get to change your IP address from a location of your choice. Another advantage of having a VPN is that you have the option to choose from a wide array of server locations which provides you a choice to connect to whatever and whichever server has a good connection.

How to Use VPN to Play Town of Salem

The VPN service provider that we will use as an example in this article is ExpressVPN.

The first step to be able to use VPN is to download ExpressVPN. When choosing a VPN ensure that your VPN is compatible with your operating system. In this case, ExpressVPN is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Once you have downloaded ExpressVPN, launch the app and select a server location of your choice.

If you are using Windows, see below for few recommendations:

  1. Many gamers who are playing Town of Salem usually connect to severs in US and since ExpressVPN also has a huge network located in the US and all over the world, we would use US as our reference server location for this guide.
  2. We recommend to use OpenVPN (TCP) or (UDP). UDP is suggested more since it is faster than TCP and is more capable in handing streaming videos from streaming sites such as YouTube and Netflix. Aside from that OpenVPN could support PPTP, SSTP and L2TP.
  3. Click the big connect button and once the shield around button turns green, this indicates that your VPN is turned ON.
  4. Connect to US server and with it, you will be provided with an IP address that is in the US. As far as the internet world is concerned, you will be seen as someone who is in the US.

With a US IP address provided by ExpressVPN’s servers located in the US, you could now play online games, browse the internet and stream videos and movies from there.

For a VPN to be considered as good, a VPN will have the ability to provide its subscribers access to any content all over the world. Hence if you live outside the US, through a good VPN, you would still be able to access geo-restricted content, Netflix, Pandora and Hulu.

Town of Salem Game Highlights

The game, Town of Salem is set back in 1692 in Salem, Oregon. In this game though the night is short, it is deadly and dangerous. During day time, you will be able to hang other people whom you believe are bad and would have the chance to argue with them. Other people could also vote and hang anyone who they think is guilty. If you are the one voted to be guilty, your will be sent to the gallows and death shall be placed upon you. If you are innocent on the other hand, you will be able to continue voting. Once it turns to night, some people would kill, some would burn things down and some will be able to talk to dead.

Each character in this game has their own role and have their own special ability. Some roles are mostly assigned and given to you but you will also be given an option wherein you could buy scrolls and increase your odds of getting the role you desire. Also, take note that roles are categorized by teams. Here are the roles and teams you will encounter in Town of Salem:

Team Town (goal to lynch criminals)

  1. The Vigilantly or known as Vig- this role provides you with three bullets which allows you to shoot three times at night but not all in the same night. If you use the bullets to shoot another town, you will die.
  2. Veteran or known as Vet- this role will give you the ability to protect yourself three times. Each night for three nights, you will be allowed to kill everyone who comes to visit. The only downside of this skill is if a Towny comes to visit you, you will also need to kill them.
  3. Bodyguard, known as BG- allows you to protect anyone you wish to at night. If you get this role, you will die if anyone comes to attack the person you are trying to protect. The attacker will also die however the person you are trying to protect will not. You will be able to protect yourself only once you make yourself immune.
  4. Sheriff- this role allows you to see anyone who is suspicious except of course the Godfather. You will be able to to know who is bad and will be able to use this to convince the town.
  5. Spy- this role allows you to be able to listen everyone who is whispering and know whatever the mafia says.
  6. Transporter- through this role, you will be able to swap two peoples’ roles.
  7. Escort- this role provides you the ability to distract someone every night and will keep that person from doing their own role.
  8. Retributionist (Ret) – this role lets you have the ability to bring one person back to life. This ability is allowed to be done to a person once only.
  9. Jailor- just as its name says, you will be allowed to take one person to jail each night and have the decision to kill him or not. You will also be able to interrogate them.
  10. Medium – this role allows you to talk to dead and once to the living when you die. The downside of this role is not everyone would take you seriously and when people learn that you are a Medium, they could kill you at night.
  11. Lookout – you will have the ability to see who visits another person at night.
  12. Mayor- your vote counts as three.

Team Neutral with goals that vary:

  1. Amensiac- you will have the ability to take the place of anyone’s who is dead.
  2. Serial Killer – you have the immunity at night and at the same time you will be able to kill anyone you want. The challenge of this role however, is if your role is blocked, you will have to find and kill the role blocker.
  3. Jester – when you get hanged, you will have the ability to kill anyone who is guilty. Your goal is to be hanged.
  4. Witch- at night you will have the ability to control someone and make them do a role you would wish them to do.
  5. Executioner- you will have the role to hang someone.
  6. Arsonist- you could light on fire anyone you wish to burn.
  7. Survivor- you will have the ability to protect yourself three times.

Team Mafia (goal- kill all that are opposed to the Mafia)

  1. Godfather- you will have immunity at night and you could kill anyone you want to die and you will be allowed to talk to other mafia at night.
  2. Mafioso- Your role is to kill whoever the Godfather wants killed.
  3. Consort- you have the ability to distract anyone from fulfilling their own role. You have the ability to role block as well.
  4. Consigliere- You could learn the exact role of anyone you wish. You could also take the place of a Mafioso if there are no Mafioso’s alive.
  5. Framer- this role allows you to frame anyone each night.
  6. Janitor – you have the ability to clean all the evidence/s that one has left when a person dies. You will also be able to get the role of a Mafioso when there are no more mafia left to kill.
  7. Blackmailer- at night you could blackmail someone which means, the person who you have blackmailed will lose the ability to speak.
  8. Disguiser- you will be able to change into the dead person that died that night you would like. You could change other peoples’ minds three times.
  9. Forger- a forger has the ability to change anyone’s will three times.

All the mentioned roles are available in different game modes. Each game has about 15 players.

  1. Classic- roles are set with less randomness
  2. Custom- the roles will be picked by the host.
  3. Rapid- same as Classic but much faster and quicker.
  4. Ranked- roles are set but you could play this mode only after 50 games of other mode.
  5. Vigillantics- only witches and vigs are in this mode
  6. All Any- all is random
  7. Rainbow- new game mode which roles are set except for one.

Win or lose, you will be able to gather coins which allows you to customize how your character looks like or have the ability to get a new house, pet, maps, death animation and theme pack.


Town of Salem is very addicting and enjoyable online role playing game which you could play with your friends. It comes with different game modes and have a huge list of roles which you could play. This game is available on Steam and Blankmedia.

When playing Town of Salem, however, we highly recommend that you use a VPN service which will allow you to bypass restrictions, improve your performance and reduce buffering and lags.

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