How to unblock Viu with VPN to get access from anywhere

Thanks to the internet, our entertainment options have increased significantly. Now we know that there is more to watch than Hollywood blockbusters. Productions from around the world are becoming popular beyond their countries of origin. For instance, South Korean movies and dramas have gained fans globally. We have also found that Bollywood, India’s answer to Hollywood, is the largest producer of movies in terms of quantity. They create movies of every genre. Then we also have Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and many other countries. If you want to watch TV shows and movies from these Asian countries and many others, you should check Viu, a video streaming service that is based in Hong Kong. It gives viewers the chance to watch top content from Asia featuring local language subtitles. Viu offers exclusive content and original productions as well.

Viu has been around since 2015 and it is available for free. However, there are some geographical restrictions involved. At the moment, Viu is only available in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Egypt. So if you are living outside of those regions, you are unable to access content on Viu.com. If you access the website from outside these countries, you will come across blocks and error messages because Viu checks your IP to confirm that you are in one of the locations supported. Even if you are in one of the countries where Viu is available, it should be noted that the content offered is not the same in each location, even the languages are different.

How to unblock Viu from outside the countries supported

So, Viu checks your IP address and when it realized that it doesn’t belong to Hong Kong or any of the countries supported, it blocks you from getting access to the content. That is why the trick to be able to unblock Viu is to change your IP address first. You need to get an IP from one of the Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia or any other Viu-supported location. With the help of a VPN service, you can get around the restrictions and gain access to Viu from anywhere. VPN is the ideal technology to access content that is blocked based on the region. The steps you need to follow are pretty similar, regardless of the VPN service you select. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Set up a subscription with a VPN service that has servers in the countries where Viu is available. There are free services available, but we highly recommend that you opt for a paid one. Free services are not reliable and tend to be very slow, so they are not suitable for streaming.
  2. Once you have selected your VPN, you can download and install the software on your device. Most VPNs have apps that are suitable for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, which are the most used platforms in the world, although it is possible to set up the VPN on other operating systems manually.
  3. Once you have installed the VPN client on the device, log into your VPN account using your credentials.
  4. Select the VPN server you want to connect and unblock Viu on Mac, Android and iOS. You can connect to a server in any of the countries supported by the streaming service. You can also switch between locations to find out what Viu offers in the different markets where it operates. For instance, you can try an Indian server and then a server in Hong Kong to see what different options are available.

Now, take a look at the VPNs that we recommend.


ExpressVPN is a high quality provider with servers in more than 90 countries, including many options in Asia. One of the main reasons why ExpressVPN is considered as one of the best VPNs available is that it is incredibly fast. VPNs tend to slow down your connection due to the fact that they use encryption to protect your data. However, some high quality VPNs such as ExpressVPN have managed to combine security and speed effectively. ExpressVPN is perfect for anyone who wants to discover the content featured on Viu.


NordVPN has over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and other locations where Viu is available. NordVPN has a strong focus on security, but it is also a fast service that lets you get around restrictions without issues. The high quality of its software enables you to enjoy online freedom and it also protects your information from eavesdroppers, hackers and other dangers that lurk in the internet. NordVPN doesn’t keep any logs at all and it is noted for its excellent customer support.


Surfshark has been independently audited to verify that it truly keep your information protected and that it doesn’t keep logs. In addition, Surfshark is a perfect way to get around restrictions and since it is quite fast, it lets you overcome restrictions effectively. You can connect to more than 800 servers in over 50 countries, including locations that allow you to unblock Viu. Surfshark doesn’t keep any logs that could compromise your information. Accessing Viu is possible with Surfshark and you can also keep your data protected thanks to the high encryption used.

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