Verizon is Slowing Down Netflix and How to Fix it With a VPN

netflix-slow-verizon-service-2Internet congestion has been a hot topic across the news media for the last few months now and Verizon was at many times placed in the spotlight and constantly under fire for the malpractice of throttling traffic on Netflix and other streaming services down to a fraction of the speed the paying customer would usually be allotted. The tested speeds we’re pitiful, leaving users stuck with very low quality resolution streams unless they would rather wait hours for the stream to buffer. Verizon is unfortunately one of many ISPs that have been caught and accused of the same type of activity.

Along with growing concerns of slow lane internet talks, some ISPs are really rubbing the public the wrong way. How to not treat a customer is exactly what they are demonstrating and the community along with field professionals have been very vocal about their disapproval of the whole ordeal. Back in July, Google, Netflix and Facebook, three online giants united to ask the FCC to arbitrate ISPs and congesting specific internet data. The stories are entangled in various marketing ploys and attempts at controlling user content to their profit, but in the end, only the users at home pay the price. So, how does an unfortunate Verizon customer, or any other affected network user get passed the throttling of their internet speed?

How to Bypass Verizon Or All Netflix, P2P, Streaming Speed Limitations

The easy and beneficial way out of this mess is by using a VPN. Virtual Private Networks not only encrypt your data and disallow your ISP from seeing what website or traffic you are using, they also usually find faster routes for such websites, which means faster speeds in general. Using a VPN can actually speed up the download rates you would get by not using a VPN on an unmetered connection due to those shorter connection routes available with their servers. One of our favorite providers, PureVPN, even offers an option for HD Quality 20+Mbps of buffering speed so you never experience lag when streaming high definition.

We even found a video on YouTube of a Verizon customer showing how slow his internet connection would become when using FiOS Netflix. Unhappy about the poor service, he decided to use another great VPN provider, VyprVPN, to effectively eliminate the slow speed problem, and to no surprise, the speeds we’re amazing, even at high resolution.

Internet service providers often don’t stop at throttling Netflix traffic, also often opting to cap any Peer-2-Peer torrent traffic and other streaming services such as Vimeo, BBC One, Spotify, generally ruining your online experience. Luckily, you can not only fix it, but also enhance your media and entertainment online with the use of a VPN, all while adding security and privacy to your home.

For a really fast VPN to match your connection, check out our article on the fastest VPNs.

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