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Best VPN for Brunei

Brunei VPNBrunei is a very rich country ran and controlled by monarchy. Though Internet is allowed in this country, there are a lot of international sites that are restricted. In fact, Brunei has one of the highest online censorship that ensures nothing will be read and spread that could be seen as something that will oppose the Sultan or king of the country. Since this is the case, most journalist and citizens try to find ways to get past this law. One way that has been found is the usage of VPNs.

VPNs are platforms where users could browse online without being traced nor being known that you are accessing pages that are restricted. Moreover, using VPNs could keep third parties such as hackers away. Hence, using VPNs will give you upmost privacy and security.

Best VPN for Brunei


NordVPN provides one of the highest levels of security and privacy. This VPN’s service provider is based in Panama and ensures its users privacy through its no logs policy. This means your online activities will not be recorded. Furthermore, NordVPN comes with double VPN, tor VPN and has servers in about 61 countries. If you are highly concerned about privacy and security, NordVPN will be your best bet.


If you are looking for connection with excellent speed, ExpressVPN will be the perfect fit for your needs. Not only that, you will find out that through using this VPN, you could stream and play games without internet connection problems. ExpressVPN has about servers in 94 countries around the world and it comes with strong encryption policies that will appease your fears of being exposed.


VyprVPN is a tool one could use to bypass any censorship you could encounter when browsing the web. VyprVPN has servers in about 70 countries around the world and offers Chameleon feature that could defeat firewalls and blocking tools.


Looking for security and high speed connection? PureVPN is the best choice. It has servers in about 141 countries around the world. It does not keep logs that ensures the privacy and untraceable online history you are looking for.


Servers in about 69 countries, VPNArea offers high level of security and privacy through its strong encryption and no logs policies. It also comes with killswitch, DNS leaks protection and auto IP change. If you are looking for a VPN with high level of privacy, this VPN is surely a great option.

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