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While Paraguay is not as popular as a travel destination as other countries in South America, it is a rewarding experience for those who take a chance to visit it. There is a wealth of beautiful landscapes, as well as stunning colonial towns to see. Unfortunately, like other countries in the region, Paraguay faces difficult challenges that prevent it from reaching political and economical stability. Although the country is a democracy, the conservative Colorado Party has taken over the political system. Corruption and organized crime are issues that continue affecting Paraguay and the gap between the rich and the poor has reached a level that is alarmingly high.

While there are laws that protect freedom of press and speech, journalists often face harassment and receive threats from corrupt politicians and criminal organizations. The government has expanded its control over the press and it influences media outlets. Many journalists have opted for self-censorship fearing the repercussions of publishing articles that criticize authorities or that expose criminal groups. In this scenario, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see that Freedom House currently rates Paraguay as a country that is only partly-free.

A high percentage of the population has access to the internet, particularly in the cities. However, access is limited in smaller towns. Like other countries, Paraguay has been affected by cyber crime, but the country hasn’t implemented a solid strategy to address the issue. If you live in Paraguay or travel to this country, it is important that you protect the security of your data. Cyber attacks could lead to your personal and financial information being stolen. In order to defend yourself from online fraudsters, it is highly recommended that you use a VPN service.

This technology uses encryption to protect your information from hackers, this means that even if you are using public WiFi, your online activities will be secured. Encryption scrambles the data, which stops others from finding out what you are doing online. They won’t be able to see the websites you visit or to see your emails or passwords. A VPN is a valuable tool to protect your privacy and since your real IP address is masked when you are using a VPN, it helps you to conceal your identity. Even if you are not a journalist who is concerned about safety, you may want to browse the internet anonymously and a VPN offers that possibility.

Another advantage of using a VPN is that it allows you to defeat online restrictions. While internet users in Paraguay are not subject to strict censorship, there are still restrictions that prevent them from accessing the content that they want. For instance, due to geographical blocks, some websites and apps are not available in Paraguay. If you want to be able to unblock content that can only be accessed in a different country, you can rely on a VPN. Simply connect to a server in the country where the website or app you want to use is available. You will get an IP address from that location and will be able to get around the restrictions. To ensure that you get the best possible experience while using a VPN, we recommend you to try one of the services below.

Best VPN services for Paraguay


NordVPN is a reliable provider that is based in Panama and it stands out thanks to its strong security and no logs policy. With NordVPN, you will be able to keep your privacy protected and will also get the chance to bypass the restrictions that don’t allow you to enjoy access to the content that you prefer. NordVPN supports advanced security features like double VPN and Tor over VPN. It has servers in over 60 countries, including locations in South America.


When it comes to unblocking streaming services, ExpressVPN is a top choice. This provider offers amazing speeds and its reliable service will ensure that you can overcome restrictions without hassle. ExpressVPN is one of the few services that is capable of bypassing the geographical restrictions imposed on Netflix. You can access the US library to enjoy a wider selection of options. In addition, ExpressVPN offers strong encryption to protect your privacy and there are no logs kept of your activities. They have servers in over 90 countries.

Private Internet Access

If you want to enjoy all the advantages of a good VPN, without paying a high price, check Private Internet Access. Commonly known as PIA, this provider is another option that will allow you to enjoy high protection for your online data, as well as freedom. Even if you are in Paraguay, you will be able to access content that is only available in the United States. PIA uses high encryption to protect your data from eavesdroppers and its privacy policy states that no logs of your activities are kept.


IPVanish enjoy a good reputation thanks to the high quality of its software and the amazing speeds that it offers. Users can connect to servers in over 60 countries, including multiple options in South America that will be convenient for those in Paraguay. If you want to stream content that is not available in Paraguay, IPVanish is a wonderful solution since it offers reliable and fast performance. In addition, this provider uses high level encryption to keep your information safe. They are a zero logs solution as well.


PureVPN is another popular solution that allows you to protect your online data and defeat restrictions. It stands apart from the competition due to the fact that it has servers in over 140 countries. They even have servers in Paraguay so if you need to get a Paraguayan IP address, this VPN is the best choice. PureVPN also offers great speeds and it protects data with a strong level of encryption. The software is easy to use and the provider doesn’t keep any logs of your online activities.

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