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Nuuvem is a digital games distribution platform known for offering a great selection of titles from major publishers at incredibly low prices. Since Nuuvem is an authorized re-seller, all the games that you find in this platform are legit and the platform works with recognized publishers such as Ubisoft, Konami and Electronic Arts. In Nuuvem, you can find popular game series like Silent Hill, Doom, Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto. To take advantage of the deals that this platform offers, you can create an account for free and once you purchase a game, it will be available in your account so you can download it and install it.

Nuuvem is based in Brazil and while they are focused on the South American market, customers from other countries can join the platform and buy games as well. However, some of the best deals are reserved to users in South America and Nuuvem applies restrictions to prevent international customers from accessing games that are region-locked. When you access the website, you may only see the games that are available for your country. Additionally, the price of some of the games may be lower in South America than in the United States or Europe. This is why, many users consider using a VPN for Nuuvem.

While a VPN can help you to access better deals on Nuuvem, it should be noted that many of the games that are available at the best prices are region-locked. Usually, they can only be played in Brazil and even if you manage to purchase them from Nuuvem, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to play them. A VPN can make you appear as if you were connecting from Brazil, which may help you to buy the game from Nuuvem and also play it. However, both Nuuvem and publishers have implemented blocks to avoid that users from other countries can play games that are meant for a specific region.

With a VPN, you can bypass Nuuvem’s blocks to purchase the game, but keep in mind that publishers are taking a harsher stand on geo-blocking. If you purchase a region-locked game from Nuuvem using a VPN and it doesn’t work for you, you won’t be entitled to a refund. If you decide to use a VPN to purchase region-locked games in Nuveem, keep in mind the risks. That being said, it is likely that the IPs used by free services are already blacklisted or can be easily recognized by Nuveem or the publishers, but choosing a good VPN provider could help you to bypass the restrictions. The below providers offer advanced technology, reliable performance and solid networks that can disguise your IP address and protect your traffic so they are your best chance if you want to bypass geo-blocks.


ExpressVPN is another effective solution for gaming thanks to its great speed and stability. With ExpressVPN you can get better routes to improve your online gaming experience and a high level of security to protect your privacy. They also offer SmartDNS service and security features like kill switch to ensure that your real IP address is never exposed while you are using the service. They have servers in 87 countries, including Brazil and Argentina so you can bypass restrictions in Nuuvem to access a wider selection of games and better prices.


VPNArea’s network has grown considerably and it currently boasts over 200 servers in 60 countries, including Brazil. The provider is committed to offering a high level of security, as well as great speeds to ensure that you can play games or stream without major delays. Their security features include DNS leaks protection, Kill switch, IPV6 leaks protection and anti-WebRTC. Popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox are affected by an issue with WebRTC, a feature that supports video chats and other fubctions. The issue is that WebRTC may reveal your real IP address, even if your are using a VPN. Since VPNArea offers protection against this, your real IP address will not be disclosed. This makes it a great choice for bypassing online restrictions effectively.


VyprVPN is a service offered by Golden frog, a well-established company from Switzerland. This VPN is the favorite solution for many avid gamers thanks to its great speed and performance. VyprVPN has its own tier-1 network with servers in over 50 countries, including Brazil. One of their most important features is Chameleon, a technology that allows you to defeat Deep Packet Inspection and firewalls. It also covers your VPN traffic, making it practically impossible to detect. With VyprVPN, you can enjoy your favorite games with effective speeds and minimal latency.

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