Best Alternatives to 10 Minute Mail

Temporary email addresses are very practical as they allow you to protect your privacy and to avoid being targeted by spammers. Options like 10 Minute Mail are designed to help you to create a disposable email address that you can use to register to some services. Instead of providing your email address to join a forum or to create an account on a website that doesn’t really require the use of an actual email address, you can use a temporary solution.10 Minute Mail gives you the possibility of getting a randomly created email address that will be active for just 10 minutes. That gives you enough time to confirm your registration on a website.

Once the 10 minutes have passed, the email. which can be used for sending and receiving messages, will disappear. While 10 Minute Mail is a free and effective solution to keep your real email free from spam, there are many other similar services available. Here we will take a look at the best alternatives that offer you additional time or other features that you may not find in 10 Minute Mail.


Mailinator allows you to create a free, disposable email address that is deleted after a few hours. You can make up any email address you want and use it as your inbox to receive confirmations from websites or anything else you need, without compromising your real email address. Mailinator accepts messages from any email domain and it supports a public inbox. If you want privacy, you can also link your domain to receive every email address to that domain in a private inbox in Mailinator. ( See Also – Alternatives to Mailinator )


Maildrop is ideal for situations in which you don’t feel comfortable providing your real email address. There is no sign up required and the service is free and easy to use. You can rely on Maildrop when you make online purchases, register on a website, post on a forum, or whenever you are asked to enter your email address, but you prefer not to do it in order to avid spam.

Fake Mail Generator

This is a hassle-free, right to the point solution that will allow you to get a free and temporary email address that can be used whenever you prefer not to share your real email. You can create any email name and select a domain from a list that includes curvox.de and teleworm.us. You can also opt for the random email generated when you visit the website.


Mailnesia is another fantastic disposable email solution that will help you to avoid that your real email address is invaded by spam. You don’t need to register or use a password to access the inbox. When you use an @mailnesia disposable email, the verification links are visited automatically in the background and the validation occurs instantly.


Free, anonymous and simple, this temporary email solution gives you a wide list of domains to choose from. When needed, you can secure the temporary inbox with a custom password. You can use your own domain to ensure that only you have access to the emails received. You can create your own alias and select the domain you prefer.


MyTrashMail aims to provide a spam blocker that protects your real email from unwanted messages. It is free web-based temporary solution that also offers anonymity. In any case in which you prefer not to give away your real email address, you can opt for a disposable email inbox that can last a few hours or up to 30 days, depending on your choice.


With MailCatch you can enjoy effective anti-spam solution to keep your real email focused on the messages that really matter. While MailCatch can be used without registering to the service, it also gives you the possibility of enjoying better privacy by signing up for a premium private MailCatch with its own domain. No emails are permanently stored so there is no trace of your use of the service.


When you visit MintEmail.com, you are assigned a temporary email address that is ready to be used on any website that requires email verification. Once the email is received, it will appear in the MintEmail inbox, which is displayed on the title of the page. It is very efficient and simple.


Spamgourmet is one of the most practical and simple solutions available and it is set to protect your real email from annoying spam. There are two modes available: no-brainer and advanced. The no-brainer mode doesn’t require maintenance and offers good protection. The advanced mode promises even stronger protection, although it requires a little maintenance. Although it requires registration, it is a convenient service that lets you set up the expiration time for each new temporary email that you create.

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is another convenient service that allows you to create a temporary email address to register on a website, while keeping your real email private. It is simple and easy to use. It can be used to receive emails for a limited period of time. Guerrilla Mail can be used for free.


Dispostable gives you the chance to create your email address or choose a randomly created one with @dispostable domain. The email address can be used temporarily on services that you don’t trust or that are known for spamming you with offers sent by email. It is very simple and fast.


AirMail is a free and practical way to access services without compromising your real email. Like other options in the list, you are not required to sign up or to use a password to access the email. You can read your inbox through your browser, using a unique URL.


This web platform allows you to create as many disposable email identities as needed. Once you access the site, there is already a temporary email waiting for you and it can be used on any website that asks you for email verification. If preferred, you can create a new email address. Any emails received are available on the website.


EmailOnDeck allows you to get a temporary email address in two simple steps. First you need to confirm that you are not a robot by marking the captcha box. Then you will be able to click the option to create an email. The random email will appear at the top of the page and there, you can also get a list of any emails received to that inbox. If needed, you can generate a new email with a single click.


MyTemp.email gives a temporary email address that can be used on untrusted websites. The options available include auto-refresh system, disposable email, check it later and private inbox. The temporary emails are available for 24 hours and every email comes with a unique inbox.


YOPMail is another practical way to avoid getting spam on your real email address. You can use a disposable email instead of giving away your real one. YOPMail is flexible and allows you use an alias email address instead of the actual YOPMail so you can further enhance your privacy.


TempMail works in the same way as many options in the list. When you visit the website, you will see a randomly generated temporary email address at the top of the page. The messages received to that inbox will be shown on the page. You can copy, refresh the message list, create a new email address or delete it.

Anonymous Email by HideMyAss

HideMyAss is known for offering a practical free web proxy, premium VPN services and other solutions focused on privacy. Their Anonymous email is available for free and although it requires registration using your real email address, it may be a good option if you need an email that lasts longer than 10 minutes. When you receive an email, you will get a notification in your real email address. It is a solution that is more suitable for privacy (since you don’t need to provide your real email address when you don’t want to) than in avoiding spam.


Fakeinbox.com is a very basic website where you will have the chance to create a random email address. Although it is not as fast and easy to use as other options, it will enable you to set up an email with a random domain, which can be used on any website.

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