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If you are using a temporary email address, then, you must be familiar with Mailinator. Having a temporary email is very convenient especially every time you visit a website and that website asks you for your email id to register to sign in as the moment you provide them your primary email address, you could be sure that the next day, you will start receiving spam, discount offers and subscription letters from the websites you did not even visit. Hence, with having a temporary email, you could make up an email address and a domain of your choice. Through Mailinator, you could get your own disposable email id and inbox where you could receive and read the emails that any site that you have signed up with.

Mailinator Alternatives

With that said, unfortunately, there are some websites and service providers who do not let you use email addresses of some domains. This could include some of Mailinator’s domains which means they could block your email address. In this case, you would need an alternative wherein the website that you are trying to sign up with would accept. Here are some of Mailinator alternatives.

1. Fake Mail Generator

The Fake Mail Generator is one of the best fake email address providers which would allow you to visit and sign into any website you wish. You could use their email as your temporary inbox and receive emails in case you would need to confirm your email. Through Fake Mail Generator, you could create an address of your own or if you wish could use any random email address that the website has created. Aside from that you could even choose from any of their 10 domain names.

2. Dispostable

If you are signing up with highly secured websites or blogs, Dispostable is highly recommended. Upon testing their services, we could say that their email addresses work on secured website. Unfortunately, if you wish to choose any address you like, it will have to end with @dispostable.com only.

Dispostable offers you the use of an inbox that will allow you to receive emails but you will need to confirm the I am not a robot captcha for you to be able to view your message.

Aside from that, you could also create multiple temporary addresses and even access all of them from your recent inboxes list. Take note that in Dispostable, you could delete messages manually, however if you don’t they will automatically delete unread messages after two days and read messages after two months.

3. Confirm Your Mail

Through Confirm Your Mail, you could create temporary email addresses but with only limited number of domain names. You will be able to create a custom email ID and choose a random email address. If you wish for a quick and easy way to use and get a temporary email ID, Confirm Your Mail is your best bet.

4. 10 Minute Mail

For those who would want a straight-forward way to get a temporary email address, 10 Minute Mail is the best way to go. As what its name indicates, you will be able to get a random email address and you will need to make use of that 10 minutes to use that email address. Do not worry, however, as you could extend the 10 minutes just by refreshing the page.

Though this temporary email might not be sufficient to be used for subscription services, it is perfect for instant email verification or getting free 30-day trial without having to provide your personal email address.

The only downside of this temporary email provider is you will not be able to use or set this up as a custom email id on your own and you will need to refresh your PC every ten minutes.

5. Guerrilla Mail

Another amazing alternative to Mailinator is Guerrilla Mail. You will not have to sign up or supply a password for you to get a temporary email address. Aside from that you could choose from 11 domain addresses in case your domain name gets blocked.

Your temporary email address does not have any expiry date but your messages get automatically deleted after an hour since anyone who has your temporary email address could access your inbox.

6. Nada

Nada is probably one of the easiest ways to be able to get a temporary email service. It’s as easy as opening the website and you will automatically have an inbox and working email address ready for your use.

Aside from that, you could add multiple inboxes in case you would need additional email addresses. Furthermore, you will be able to choose your desired domain name on your second email address. Messages get deleted after seven days but your mailbox will not.

7. MyTemp.email

This service comes in four different languages. Once you have reached their home page, press Start Here and you are good to go. If you wish to access your inbox at a later time, you will need

to copy the link of your inbox as every random email address provided comes with a unique ID which could only be access through your link.

Take note that all messages will be deleted after 24 hours.

8. 33Mail

To access your temporary email in 33Mail, you will have to sign up with them first by providing your personal email address. After, you will now be able to create your preferred username for your temporary email address. Hence, whenever you visit any site, you could use 33Mail. Also, take note that all of your 33Mail will be forwarded to your personal email address.

9. Mint Email

As soon as you visit their site, you will get a fresh address. You could copy and start using the address provided by the website or if you wish you could also custom your own address. Through their website, you will be able to constantly check your new emails. They also have a bookmark option.

10. Tempr.email

This service provides temporary email address without the need of having to sign up. All you need to do is provide your preferred username or if you wish, you could choose from 20 domain names and log-in to access your inbox.

Their services come in 7 languages and your email address lasts for 30 days.


That concludes our list of best alternatives for temporary email. We hope you enjoyed this article as we have enjoyed writing and featuring it.

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