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Bitorrent is a popular way to download and transfer data and while it has legitimate uses, the truth is that it is often used to access content that is subject to copyright. While it is not advisable to download such content without the relevant authorization, the lack of affordable and truly versatile options, has allowed illegal torrents to become very popular. If you choose this route, you will need to make sure that your identity is protected, otherwise you can face legal issues, or at least warning letters from your ISP. VPNs and Seedboxes are two security tools that are often used to download torrents without compromising your privacy. We’ll take a look at this two options to help you decide which one is better for you.


Without a VPN, whenever you access a website, your information is exposed. Details like your location, IP address, even your ISP could be seen by the websites that you access and if others get your IP address, they will also be able to find out this information about you. A VPN is a crucial security tool that encrypts your online data, sending it through a tunnel to a remote server. The process masks and changes your IP address and prevents others from tracking you. VPNs can keep you anonymous when you are torrenting and they keep your data protected, even when you are connected using public WiFi. It also lets you bypass geographical restrictions so that you can access the apps and websites that are blocked in your location.

How to use a VPN

The majority of VPN providers offer software that supports multiple platforms and that is easy to use. You just have to buy a subscription and download the VPN client. Once it is running on your device, you can connect to the VPN server of your choice. For instance, if you want to access content that is only available in the United States, you just need to look for servers in that country.

Choosing a VPN

There are many VPN services available, but not all of them offer the level of security needed to ensure that your data remains protected from eavesdroppers, online surveillance and more. In addition, not all VPNs can overcome online restrictions effectively. This is why it is important that you choose the right solution to enjoy all the benefits that a VPN can offer. Here is a list of VPN services that we recommend due to their high quality.


ExpressVPN is a leading VPN that is known for its speed and efficiency. It has servers in over 90 countries and it lets you stream content seamlessly thanks to its fast performance. ExpressVPN will protect you from online security threats thanks to the strong encryption that it uses. Like all the other providers that you will find in this list, ExpressVPN allows torrenting.


IPVanish is one of the most popular solutions in the VPN industry. It offers incredibly fast speeds, reliability and high quality software. The client offers many options so that you can customize your connection to suit your needs. IPVanish is in charge of its own network of servers, which allows it to offer a service that is consistent and fast. The mobile apps are excellent and the customer service is also very good.


TorGuard is a a solution that offers powerful performance and advanced features. It protects you from DNS and IP leaks. It also offers kill switch and other useful features that will keep your traffic secure. TorGuard also offers amazing download speeds for your torrenting, browsing, streaming and gaming. The high level of encryption, the stealth servers and the high speeds are combined with top customer support.

Private Internet Access

PIA is an affordable solution that offers a great set of features, particularly considering the low pricing of its plans. They offer kill switch, SOCKS5 proxy and high encryption to protect your data. The apps are easy to use and while PIA only has servers in 28 countries at the moment, the network offers thousands of servers and the locations covered are strategically distributed.


When it comes to advanced security features, NordVPN takes the lead. It supports options like Tor over VPN and Double encryption. The VPN offers a high level of protection to your privacy and it doesn’t keep any logs whatsoever. NordVPN has servers in over 60 countries and it allows you to enjoy good speeds, as well as strong security.

What is a Seedbox?

A SeedBox is a remote server at a high-speed data center with a public IP address that offers a safe way to download and upload files using a BitTorrent app within your browser. It is possible to access a seedbox to queue files and then download them directly to your computer. It involves getting a share of a remote computer with a fast internet connection that allows you to download files from it, so your IP address won’t be exposed to copyright holders or other parties. While a seedbox is secure on its own, many seedbox hosters have implemented VPNs to increase security. One thing to bear in mind is that the majority of Seedboxes don’t allow public trackers from websites like The Pirate Bay because they are monitored. Instead, you will have to use private trackers, which can be more secure and faster, but are also subject to some community rules. Some private trackers include BrocastTheNet and PassThePopcorn.

How to use a Seedbox

Seedboxes have a torrent interface that you log into where you can load torrent files and torrent URLs. When your torrent downloads on the Seedbox, you will have to download it through FTP (a network protocol for file transfer between client and server), SFTP or use an FTP client such as FileZilla. There are also Seedbox vendors that let you download the files from an HTTP file browser.

Which one should you use, VPN or Seedbox?

Seedboxes come handy when it comes to using private torrent trackers given that a powerful Seedbox allows you to keep the upload/download ratio that is needed. They can also be convenient when you need to queue things up away from your computer through another browser. Given that a Seedbox requires you to download the files straight to your computer, away from server locations, a VPN can be less complicated option to get torrent files. With a VPN, it is possible to download torrent files without additional steps or the need for private trackers. In addition, VPNs can protect all your traffic, not only the torrent one. The VPNs that we mentioned in the list, are known for their good speeds and high security. Plus, even if you opt for Seedbox, it is advisable to use a VPN to boost your security.

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