Where to Stream Sons of Anarchy? Not on Netflix

Sons of Anarchy, a hard-hitting drama series masterfully created by Kurt Sutter, has been a hot topic among Netflix enthusiasts worldwide. This captivating series, which graced our screens from 2008 to 2014, takes us on a thrilling journey with an outlaw motorcycle club operating in the heart of California’s Central Valley. With its intriguing narrative and unforgettable characters, it’s no surprise that the series has amassed a significant fanbase.

However, the availability of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix has been a source of confusion for many. This is due to Netflix’s varying content libraries across different regions and some dated articles indicate that the show is still streaming on some of Netflix’s global regions. Regrettably, the series was completely removed from Netflix globally in January 2022, much to the disappointment of the show’s fans. This removal was due to licensing obligations, which often differ from region to region.

Despite this setback, there are still avenues to watch Sons of Anarchy online, just no longer on Netflix. As of 2023, you can watch Sons of Anarchy on Hulu, or Disney+ across 31 different countries. If you only have a Netflix subscription and are coming to find out that it’s no longer available on the platform, the unfortunate news is that your only option is to at a minimum temporarily signup to Hulu or Disney+.

If you happen to also be geographically restricted from accessing Hulu’s or Disney’s streaming platforms, you can still watch Sons of Anarchy by accessing the websites through the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN can disguise your location, enabling you to access Disney+ and Netflix libraries from different regions. For instance, by connecting to a Canadian server through a VPN, you can access the Canadian Netflix library where Sons of Anarchy used to be available.

Besides Disney+ and Hulu, you also have the option to purchase the first season on both Apple TV+ and Amazon. For those residing in the United Kingdom, Sons of Anarchy is available to stream on Disney+. The same applies for viewers in Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Denmark and more, for a total of 31 countries as mentioned before, so you can pick between Disney or Hulu based on what’s most convenient or preferable.

Now, let’s address and summarize some frequently asked questions about Streaming Sons of Anarchy Online:

  1. Are Sons of Anarchy still on Netflix? Sadly, Sons of Anarchy was removed from Netflix globally in January 2022 due to licensing obligations.
  2. Where can I find Sons of Anarchy? Depending on your country and subscription status, you can stream it on Hulu or Disney Plus in most countries. You can also purchase the first season on both Apple TV+ and Amazon.
  3. Will Sons of Anarchy come back on Netflix? The return of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix is uncertain as it depends on the licensing agreements between the show’s producers and Netflix, but currently unlikely.
  4. What if I don’t have access to Hulu or Disney+ in my Country to region? Just like Netflix, a VPN can be used to connect to servers in countries where Sons of Anarchy is being streaming on the available platforms. The VPN server will bypass the restriction.

In conclusion, Sons of Anarchy is a series that has left a profound impact on its viewers. Its exploration of intricate themes, compelling characters, and gripping storyline make it a must-watch. Whether you’re a long-time fan looking to rewatch the series or a new viewer ready to dive in, there are several ways to enjoy Sons of Anarchy on various platforms, I hope this article helped you find your best option to watch it.

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