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Android is the leading mobile platform, but it comes with a few downsides. For instance, it doesn’t feature smart memory management capabilities. One of the main issues with Android is that inactive tasks are kept in the RAM for a while. These tasks use up a lot of system memory and page file. This means that there is a waste of RAM, which results in poor performance of active applications. Hardware components needed power, otherwise they won’t work. If there are many apps running in the background, the battery will be drained very fast.

Users then need to manage the memory, but the good thing is that the latest versions of Android give you the chance to see the list of apps that are active in the background. You can also shut down inactive apps, all you have to do is to swipe left or right. The main issue with this tool is that you won’t see the amount of RAM that is used by an app, so you won’t know which ones are using more RAM so that you can stop using them. TIn order to manage the device’s resources more effectively, a better Task manager or App killer solution is needed. This will allow you to get a clear overview of the active processes. The majority of users have an Android device with 1GB of 2GB RAM. As such, we need to use a Task Killer that considers system memory before shutting down and app. Here is a list of the best apps to manage Android tasks and enjoy the best possible performance.

Go Cleaner & Task Manager

Unlike other Android app killers that have a standard user interface, Go Cleaner & Task Manager offers an impressive design in all aspects. Developed by GoMo Limited, the same developers behind Go Cleaner & Task Manager, Go Cleaner is an effective solution to shut down inactive apps. It allows you to manage and close apps so that you can improve the performance of your Android device. You can delete unwanted cache files, transfer apps to SD card, delete history and more. There is also a general kill button that works with a smart algorithm to optimize the RAM. You can also set up a list of apps that you don!t want to be forced killed. In addition, Go Cleaner & Task Manager features an auto kill module that frees up system memory when the screen turns off. It is possible to configure it to let you know when the system runs low on system memory.

Super Toolbox – Booster, Cleaner, Power Saver

This is another free pp that lets you kill apps, it focuses on saving the battery and it also boosts your phone’s performance. After tapping the boost phone function, a one-tap option to shut down background processes will appear. The app displays the total volume of RAM that can be freed up. The battery saver module allows you to enjoy better battery life as it reduced the brightness of the display and it shuts down WiFi, data connection, updates and phone vibrator. Super Toolbox also comes with a feature that reminds you to charge the device, app, network and file manager, as well as a process whitelist and auto boost function.

Advanced Task Manager

android task managerHere is another free solution that offers convenient features that will allow you to take control of system app (and non-system apps) processes. The advanced task manager features a function that allows you to monitor the processor. If the app is offering slow performance because the processor is not available, the app will let you know automatically. The Android task manager app comes with one-click tool tat kills all apps that are running in the background. There is an ignore list that features apps that shouldn’t be terminated by Advanced Task Manager. There is a virus scanner and app manager that allows you to remove applications that you previously installed.

SystemPanelLite Task Manager

SystemPanelLite Task ManagerLightweight, but very powerful, SystemPanelLite Task Manager is a solution created by NextApp that features an advanced interface that displays information about processes. The app is capable of scanning the system memory and it also identifies background processes. SystemPanelLite Task Manager can put together a list of apps and it displays information such as current CPU clock speed, percentage of processor, storage memory and memory used, as well as network bandwidth and the amount of memory used by each application. Once you turn the screen on after the display shuts down automatically, the SystemPanelLite Task Manager can refresh the data. There is also a system resource monitoring tool included that displays the temperature of battery and processor, used and free system, storage memory and live network and processor activity. The app has a one-click option that closes all tasks. In addition, SystemPanelLite Task Manager also comes with a dev info module that displays full information about the hardware components in your mobile device.

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