How to configure Real Debrid with Kodi

Real-Debrid is a convenient addition to your Kodi streaming experience as it allows you to download content without restrictions. It can significantly change the way in which you stream content via Kodi as it gives you the chance to tackle issues like poor download speeds and low quality files. With Real-Debrid, you can also fix buffering, which is a common occurrence when you are using Kodi add-ons that are particularly popular. It is a powerful fix that allows you to enjoy high quality content. Real-Debrid works really well with Kodi add-ons that offer on-demand content such as TV shows and movies.

In order to be able to use Real-Debrid, you need to pay, but this will give you access to a vast collection of file hosts on the internet. The premium service relies on servers that are set to remove limits on speeds and you can also forget about restrictions on the size of the files that are uploaded. If you want to be able to stream content without dealing with buffering, Real-Debrid can be the best solution and the price for one month of subscription is about $4.30 USD. You can end up paying less money per month if you extend the length of the subscription. For instance, three months cost $9.60, making the price per month just $3.20.

Real-Debrid gives you the chance to stream movies and TV shows on Kodi with top quality and in this guide, we will learn how to install it. You can enjoy the best sources of entertainment including 4K UHD HDR and many FullHD 1080p links.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you use your mobile device or computer. Then go to https://real-debrid.com and log into it.
  2. Go back to your Kodi device. Then launch Kodi.
  3. Go to System and then select Add-ons.
  4. Select System and then Dependencies
  5. Select URLResolver
  6. Choose Configure
  7. Select Configure¨
  8. Select Universal Resolvers
  9. Scroll down to Real-Debrid
  10. Choose Priority. Then edit priority to 90 and choose Done.
  11. Select OK to keep the changes. This has to be done before you authorize. Otherwise, the changes will not be saved.
  12. Select Configure once again. Then select Universal Resolvers and scroll down to Real-Debrid.
  13. Select (Re)Authorize My Account. Now you should see a pop-up prompting you to go to the Real-Debrid website.
  14. Now open a web browser on your device and go to https://real-debrid.com/ device. Keep in mind that you have to be logged into Real-Debrid for this purpose. Enter the code and select Continue.
  15. You will see a popup letting you know that the account is authorized.
    That is all. Now Real-Debird is ready to be used.

Using a VPN with Real-Debrid

If you use Real-Debrid, make sure that you also use a VPN, in order to get the best possible level of protection for your privacy, as well as online freedom to access the content that you want. Keep in mind that some content may be blocked in your location, but thanks to a VPN, you will be able to overcome the restrictions and en joy access to more content, regardless of where you are. A VPN also allows you to protect your privacy, thanks to the fact that your online traffic is encrypted.

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