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Blade & Soul was originally released in 2012 in Korea and it took almost 4 years for the game to be released in North America and Europe. Developed by NCSOFT (Team Bloodlust), the game is a martial-arts massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) adventure that takes place in a stunning fantasy world. In Blade & Soul, players become fearless mythological warriors who seek revenge against the evil forces who killed their Master. You will need to build up your power and skills to stop your enemy from taking over the world. There are four races in the game: the Gon, who are loyal and powerful combatants, the Jin, who are known for their versatility and wisdom, the Yun, an all-female race who aim to restore balance in the world. They posses strong aesthetic skills and have a deep connection with nature. Last, but not least we have the unpredictable Lyn, who are descendants of the Kirin, a powerful mythical creature.

There are different classes to choose from within each race. The classes include Soul Fighter, Gunslinger, Kung Fu Master, Summoner and Blade Master. There are many options available to customize your character and make it unique. Once you select your character and personalize it, you can start taking part on battles that feature a fast-paced action-combat system. Although the initial training may seem easy, practice is key if you want to become a true master. You can challenge other players in PvP combats, or explore the beautiful world of Blade & Soul and its breathtaking landscapes inspired by the art of talented Korean illustrator, Hyung Tae Kim. Blade & Soul is a thrilling, visually astounding gaming experience that has captivated players around the world and an Anime TV series based on the game was even created, While the NA version of the game was only released in 2016, it has become very popular and many players want to join this server to enjoy Blade & Soul.

If you are not in the NA region, you won’t be able to access the Blade & Soul server in that location, unless you use a VPN service. A VPN lets you connect to a server in the location of your choice and once you do that, your IP address is disguised, making you appear as if you were in the country of the VPN server selected. For instance, if you connect to a server in the United States, you will appear as if you were in that country, which will allow you to access websites and apps that are only available in that location. This is a great option to defeat geographical restrictions and enjoy access not only to Blade & Soul NA, but to any other game or service that is not available in your country. With a VPN, you get flexibility to play in the server of your choice so that you can enjoy a different experience or play with friends who are abroad, but that is not the only advantage.

The thing about Blade & Soul is that timing is crucial to get victory and the game focuses on counters and combos. You need speed to be able to get a truly enjoyable gaming experience. Unfortunately, lag is a common problem faced by Blade & Soul players and in many cases, the situation becomes so frustrating that people end up just quitting the game. This can be resolved with the help of a VPN and in fact, it is possible that the only way in which you can really play Blade & Soul is using a VPN. This is because the best VPN providers offer optimized routes that let you enjoy faster performance when playing Blade & Soul and other games. By connecting to a VPN server that is as close as possible to the Blade & Soul server you want to use, you will be able to reduce lag. Furthermore, the fact that your IP address is masked, protects you from DDoS attacks and increases your anonymity. The encryption that a VPN adds to your traffic also safeguards your privacy. Overall, a VPN is a comprehensive solution to enjoy Blade & Soul securely and with better speeds.


ExpressVPN is a versatile, incredibly fast and secure solution that protects your traffic with strong encryption, and at the same time, it offers remarkable speeds. ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries and it covers many cities in the United States, which will allow you to access Blade & Soul NA servers. You can connect to servers in New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and more. ExpressVPN has high quality software for all major platforms and it doesn’t keep logs of your online activities.


IPVanish is another well-known provider in the VPN industry and it offers a service that is ideal for gamers. Their network features advanced technology and since they manage their own infrastructure, they provide better reliability and performance than other options. IPVanish allows you to defeat geographical restrictions and play Blade & Soul without worrying about lag or disruptions. They have servers in over 60 countries, including many options in the United States. In addition, IP Vanish doesn’t keep any logs of your traffic.


Golden Frog is an internet consortium with extensive experience and VyprVPN is its VPN service. VyprVPN combines advanced features and fantastic speeds, which makes it another great option for Blade & Soul. VyprVPN has a unique protocol known as Chameleon, which lets you bypass firewalls and Deep Packet Inspection without issues. VyprVPN also has an extensive selection of servers in over 70 global locations and since it manages its own network, you can enjoy stable and reliable performance. VyprVPN doesn’t keep logs of your internet traffic.

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