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If you love watching videos on YouTube and are subscribed to a lot of channels, you probably don’t want to miss your favorite content, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Well, thanks to TuberMate by Devian Studios, you will be able to enjoy YouTube videos at any time. This free app gives you the chance to watch YouTube videos whenever you want because it lets you download them, directly to your computer or Android device. This is a practical solution to ensure that you can watch videos, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Thanks to TuberMate, you can watch your favorite videos while you commute to work or while you are waiting in a long queue.

You can download a selection of videos and watch them later on when you are on the train, when you are camping, or anywhere else where you don’t have access to the internet, or where the connection is limited. For instance, some places offer free WiFi, but they implement blocks that don’t allow you to access YouTube or similar websites. Downloading the videos to your device saves you hassle and lets you create a library with your favorite YouTube videos on your PC or Android tablet or smartphone. Another advantage of TuberMate is that you will be able to save on mobile data since the videos would be already on your device and you won’t need to stream them.

TuberMate supports fast download technology that lets you download the videos that you want in the background. This means that you can continue working on other tasks while your videos are being downloaded. You won’t experience disruptions during the process and you can even choose the format in which you want to download the content. This can range between 3gp to Full HD. If you are a downloading a video and you lose your internet connection, you can resume the download from where you left off. It is also possible to convert video files to MP3 format. There are different resolutions supported including 1920×1080 Full HD, 640×360 and 320x240p. Once you download the app, you will have to open the app to access YouTube directly. You will be able to look for the videos that you wnat and download them.

TuberMate is a great application to download videos from YouTube and also from other streaming platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo and Metacafe. The search bar allows you to look for the videos that you want to download and there is also an option to share them with your friends and family via WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook. TuberMate lets you get your own YouTube library on your Android device or your computer, but since some videos may be subject to restrictions in your location, it is advisable to use a VPN to be able to access and download a wider selection of content. A VPN lets you change your IP address so you can appear as if you were somewhere else and unblock the videos. Plus, since your traffic is encrypted, others won’t see what you are actually doing online. You can choose from the options listed below:


When you search for the best VPNs, one of the names that will pop up over and over again is ExpressVPN. This provider offers amazing speeds, which makes it an ideal solution for downloading content from YouTube using TubeMate. Currently, ExpressVBPN has servers in 94 countries and there is an extensive coverage in the US, which is a country where most of the content is available. You can connect to servers in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other US cities. If YouTube is blocked in your country, ExpressVPN will allow you yo unblock it without issues.


With PureVPN, you can get access to servers in 141 countries, which means that this Hong Kong-based provider is one of options with the best global coverage you can get. In United States, PureVPN has servers in several cities including New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Even if YouTube is blocked completely in your country, you can watch videos and download them using TuberMate, thanks to a VPN service like PureVPN. They offer good speeds and strong security to protect your traffic. PureVPN offers affordable plans and easy to use software.


TorGuard offers advanced technology and it allows you to defeat online restrictions so that you can access more videos on YouTube and downloading via TuberMate. With TorGuard’s stealth servers, you can bypass blocks and defeat Deep Packet Inspection and firewalls without issues. Viscosity software is included in their plans and your online traffic is secured with high encryption to prevent your privacy from being compromised. At the moment, TorGuard has servers in over 50 countries and in the United States, you can connect to servers in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.


If security is your main priority, consider NordVPN. This Panama-based service provides a high level of protection for your privacy. They have a solid no logs policy and since it supports features like double VPN and Tor over VPN, it is possible to enjoy strong security whenever needed. If you are concerned about security and want to ensure that your online traffic is not intercepted, NordVPN has the technology and the level of privacy that you need. In addition, they have fast servers that will allow you to unblock YouTube content.

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