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italy-sceneViva Italia! Forza! A country with incredible food, sights, football, and romance, and let’s not forget Ferrari. Tourists love the country, and what’s not to like, the scenery across all cities has an undeniable beauty. Moving onto the digital online world, like many European Union members, Italy has somewhat of an open and free internet.

At the start of 2014, almost 60% of Italians are reported to be connected to the web, and just like most governments, Italian authorities started taking some liberties in censoring online content and websites. Italy mostly limits its internet censorship to child pornography, gambling websites with no licences, and P2P pirating sites. An Anti-Terror law stemming from the 2005 attacks also restricts any individual from setting up a public Wi-Fi hotspot. But some cases have been controversial and arguably infringing on privacy rights. Using a VPN in Italy is the most effective solution to retaining privacy, and adding a much needed layer of security.

Many U.S. and U.K. sites are blocked in Italy, VPNs are a popular choice to unblock Netflix, BBC, Hulu, and other geographically restricted content. The encryption also stops local internet service providers from detecting the streams, or capping speeds. The country does not have very fast internet speeds, and VPNs can help improve performance, by having more direct U.S to Italy VPN network routes, than those typically used by all ISPs for example.

Italians have great entertainment from music, theater, movies and television. Italian expats, along with second, third and fourth generation families are spread across every continent, and with today’s technology and world wide web, Virtual Private Network services can facilitate access to all the great streams from back home by using a VPN to connect to servers in Italy. Football, or soccer for Americans, is the national sport and a great source of pride for Italians all over the world. Italy has some of the best clubs and teams playing tournaments almost every month. Users outside of Italy can VPN tunnel through Italian broadcasters and follow the action without having to pay for expensive international cable or fiber options.

Here are my best picks for Best VPN for Italy;

PureVPN – Full Review

One of the largest providers around, PureVPN has over 450 servers covering more than 100 countries. At this time they have 3 high speed servers in Italy, and with such a vast network, they can apply to the needs of many. The service is affordably priced, and also focuses on sports streams quite a bit. Up to 5 devices can connect simultaneously, and easy to use VPN clients are available for all platforms. NAT firewall is not included in the basic plan, but should only be needed for users often accessing public Wi-Fi.

Due to the low cost for 5 devices, great global coverage and speeds, PureVPN easily qualifies as one of the best VPN services for Italy. A 3-day refund policy is strictly enforced with a 500mb data limit, and I suggest you start by running speed tests after signup to ensure you get just as good of service in your parts of the world before committing.

NordVPN – Full Review

Based out of Panama, NordVPN has become a trustworthy providerwith a solid network in constant expansion. Now covering close to 30+ countries, NordVPN has two VPN servers located in Italy. Although not the largest network, they provide some unique high security servers such as a Tor VPN through Sweden, adding the Tor network encryption layer to a VPN server, or a Double VPN through Austria and the Netherlands for double the protection, that’s some serious business! They even have an Anti DDoS Attack server in Canada, as well as a couple of static IP servers in the UK and US if needed.

Speeds are great, and a no log policy is well enforced. Up to 6 devices can use the same account simultaneously, but only on different servers. You can still connect multiple devices to the same server, but must utilize a different protocol for each one. Not much of a downside, and overall an excelllent choice in the category of VPN for Italy.

IPVanish – Full Review

For great speeds, you need a fast VPN network, and when it comes to streaming video, especially when it’s live sports, the last thing you want is a slow server. Not only can’t you stream HD, even standard quality needs a minimum amount of bandwidth to stream without dropping or chopping. IPVanish is a lag killer and provides a true tier-1 network of high speed servers across the globe. Over 80 servers cover Europe alone, including one in Milan – Italy. Over 60 countries are covered from coast to coast in North America, Asia and more, ensuring you access to just about any website or service you can think of.

Great software clients are available over OpenVPN, a solid no log policy, and guaranteed speeds or a 7-day money back guarantee is available. A good VPN choice for users in Italy, and those wanting to stream European content alike.

IronSocket – Full Review


IronSocket provides a secure service supporting OpenVPN on a large high speed network across 30+ countries, with many servers supporting P2P. Based in Hong Kong, the company has a solid no data log policy but does keep connection logs for 3 days. Good overall coverage of key locations with plenty of servers in the USA and UK, along with one server in Italy – Milan.

Up to 3 simultaneous connections can use a single account, and the price plans are very affordable. A good choice if you wish to have a VPN provider located outside of the US or any European jurisdiction – Hong Kong is the ideal spot.

AirVPN – Full Review

AirVPN consists of a group of privacy rights activists, data security experts, networking experts, and law experts. Initially founded during a meeting in Rome, the Italian based VPN provider has grown into 14 countries, providing 40 high bandwidth servers. They have a strict no log policy, great tech support, and supports OpenVPN for optimal encryption and speed. P2P is allowed and the company does a stellar job at providing a private, secure and neutral open access to the web.

Ironically, AirVPN does not offer any servers located in Italy. Although they do have a server in Italy, it is part of a small group of internal servers used as a double-hop to circumvent geo-restrictions and censorship, but subscribers do not have the ability to connect to them. Due to this limitation, it’s hard to rank AirVPN as the best VPN provider for Italy, but only if, they would certainly qualify.

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